What got you into Dc?

What got you guys into Dc?

For me it was all the shows I watched as a kid. I used to love watching Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans. Teen Titans introduced me to Deathstroke and JLU introduced me to Green Arrow. Before these shows they were characters that never got screen time (other than GA in Super Friends, which is way past my time). These 2 characters are now my favorite Superhero and Super villain.

I started to watch Smallville and there I learned to really appreciate Green Arrow. Just like in JLU, he may not have been nearly as powerful of a character as Super Heroes like Superman or Martian Manhunter but found found his one ways to contribute to the team that couldn’t be replaced

When I started to read Deathstroke Comics I was hooked. Skipped like 6 years of Dc related topics but I think this is long enough already


Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond

Batman’89 introduced my 4yo self to Batman in theaters then comics in 1992, the day after seeing Batman Returns

I feel old lol

Long post alert:
Surprising to most fans, I became hooked because of Batman v Superman. While I had games like Arkham City and Asylum, and watched Batman: The Animated Series, Static Shock, Teen Titans, Dark Knight Trilogy, etc., when I saw Batman v Superman, I LOVED it. My birthday occurred like a week or two after I saw it March 24th (Thursday night showing) and I saw it again. I then saw it a third time in theaters when it went to the $2 theater because the movie included the trinity. It was also a Tuesday, when sales go on, making it Doomsday Tuesday. Since then, I started collecting omnibuses and now own 11 different golden and silver age volumes which are my only main comic books (plus poptart, cereal, preorder bonus, and random comics).


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I watched Christopher Reeve’s Superman series and Batman 89 as a kid on HBO. But I never read a comic book until BvS. I bought my BvS ticket online and it came with free digital issues. After the movie, I felt confused about the movie and thought maybe if I read the comics I would understand the movie more. I read the comics, loved them, and have collected and read comics ever since.


What confused you when you watched it?

  1. I didn’t understand Doomsday. I remember hearing about the “death of superman” comic when I was growing up, but I didn’t know it was at the hand of Doomsday. So during the movie, I viewed Doomsday as just some crazy monster Luthor cooked up, but I felt there was more to it… so I finally read the Death of Superman series and it was much more comprehensive.
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  1. I didn’t understand what was up with Supes. I knew Supes as the happy Christopher Reeves and Dean Cain version of Supes. So seeing him threatening Batman and being sad about being a Superman felt weird.
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But ultimately, I cared enough about Superman and Batman that I wanted to learn more by reading the comics… And in doing so, I found a ton of other DC characters that I love.


A lot of fans were disappointed that Superman deviated from Christopher Reeve’s portrayal. I cannot imagine him fighting Batman, so it makes sense that in order to portray the fight, Superman had to be different. This Superman’s perspective could be based on the problem with branding and that it leads to the death penalty. Also, with some of the destruction Batman caused, it makes sense why Superman is against Batman. I have not read further than Golden and some Silver Age Superman, but from Christopher Reeve’s adaptation, I think Superman would try to be more understanding and address the issue before it became worse.

I started reading Preacher. That was my first comic, then started reading everything Garth Ennis did, which made me love superhero stories. eventually got into continuity and got hooked with Crisis on infinite earths. Marvel continuity doesn’t clock with me.

The Toy Biz Batman action figure. I saw it on the peg at Target when I was a little kid and it hooked me. I don’t think I knew who Batman was before that but there was something about that figure that made me get it.

After that, I was further pulled into the wonderful world of DC by Batman (Burton), reruns of the Adam West Batman series on the Family Channel, the Batman cereal and the mail-in edition of the Untold Legend of Batman mini-series from said cereal. Around that time was when I saw Superman: The Movie for the first time.

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I wacthed shows when I was younger and there were from DC

Uncovering all the character bios and lore drops in Batman: Arkham Asylum. I became so engrossed in the Batman mythos with that game, that I started looking up stuff from the comics, and eventually startee spreading to the rest of the DCU.

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Re-runs of ‘66 Batman tv show and Superfriends on Saturday mornings. Then for the comics themselves Batman and Justice League.

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