What Figures Would You Most Like To See and From Which Company?

Since @capo-mage and I started to get way off topic on an Elvira thread, I thought I would continue that discussion in a new post. Curious to see what everyone wants in a new action figure line. Over there, I mentioned figures based on DC TV shows. My absolute must have (no surprise if you know anything about me) would be the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series. I would love to have every variant of the costume they used, plus the Skrill, Steve Trevor, the Sardor (spelling?), but especially Formicida. Batman 66 is overdone, so I would be cool without more of it. My choice of company would be McFarlane. I can see starting with :0_wonder_woman: and moving to other series like The Flash, Superboy, Shazam, Isis, and even up to today with Peacemaker. I’m omitting the Arrowverse because there already are figures based on it. So, tell me your thoughts…




@DC89 Had the same idea for a thread a few years ago (great minds think alike :slightly_smiling_face:).


I’d love a series based on the Harley Quinn Animated Series.

Especially Bane:

And of course, more Hawkman, as always. :wink:


Alright @MovieAddict, you dig me because of my Madonna drops and I dig you because of this query. Well-played. :clap:t2: :superman_hv_4:

Being that we have @DC89’s DC-based “Who do you want thread?” in the Collector’s Corner, I’m going to focus on non-DC stuff in this thread.

My first dream want? Figures based on The Neverending Story.


Thank you Sir!



YES. :raised_hands: :harleys_crew:


I figured there was probably another post somewhere, but didn’t know how to find exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for adding it here, I will definitely be checking it out.


@MatthewHecht and @chintzybeatnik I definitely feel Hawkman deserves more. I’m happy to have the Arrowverse version at least though.


If we move away from DC, there are so many possibilities. Greatest American Hero is a definite need. Six Million Dollar Man and The X-Files have been done, but I wouldn’t mind seeing McFarlane do a new line. You could even do The Jeffersons, Facts of Life, Murphy Brown, Happy Days universe, and so many more cult favorites. Man, imagine the possibilities…


U mean line & figures correct. Not just the names of characters? I would say for sure. DC Universe Classics LOSH complete line. Or at least the majority & Dawnstar is a must. The Question from anyone except the ones available, he got the short end when it comes to characters they make options. A McFarlane Helix & Infinity Inc line. Finally, & ultimately. The entire line of Kirby’s 4th world, a collaboration of artists. As long as Joelle Jones does the Female Furies that is…


Yeah, I’m asking for the company to get ideas of what those other than McFarlane are doing. I know Figures Toy Company, Mego, and McFarlane, but not really aware of other companies, well apart from the likes of conglomerates like Hasbro and Mattel. I figure getting this knowledge for myself will help others out there as well.


I’m still waiting on those Doom Patrol Funko Pops I want to buy. Come on, DC! Don’t you love money?


The only Pop figures I’m collecting are the Wonder Woman 80th. I think I have the complete collection now. I don’t like the big head style, so it has to be special. I did find the Conan as Wonder Woman Pop at a small con the other week and had to get it, spending too much in the process.


funko pop doom patrol and titans show i would like to see that.


Gotcha. That’s an awesome :bulb:!!! A Kotobukiya Roulette, & White Rabbit (Jaina), & a Bishoujo Circe statue. Great idea!!! I’ll be checking in to see what I’ve been missing as far as toy lines go…


I posted some thoughts in @DC89’s thread here:

and here:

Add to the above: Figures based on Superman & Lois, the tv show. Of course I want to see Supes, but would also go for Lois, the twins, John Henry, Nat, Tal-Rho, Bizarro, etc.

I’ll also answer the question another way. What DC figure lines would I like to see? McFarlane potentially already has two bases covered here:

  • A line based on DC comic book artist designs. Looks like Page Punchers will be providing that.

  • A throwback line to DC figures from my childhood. Once McFarlane announces the leaked Super Powers line, I will be jumping with joy.

Then there’s wishful thinking:

  • A Superman line. Something dedicated to Superman, his different looks, all the supporting characters and villains. Kenner did this in the 90s with their Man of Steel and STAS lines. Would love to see that revisited.

  • A line featuring original designs for DC characters. McFarlane has done a Wonder Woman and Batman in that vein that were designed by him. Would like to see that expanded. Some overlap here with Page Punchers, which is providing that in a way with first wave.

  • Would like McFarlane to experiment with 1/6 scale (12”) figures with the same articulation and attention to detail featured in their 7” Multiverse line.

  • Would like a company to compete with Sideshow and Mezco and do figures with cloth goods costumes, but at like 1/2 the price point. Yeah there’s Mego, but that’s more a throwback to toys from the 70s.


I’m largely past collecting non-DC figures, but I would likely make exceptions for the following dream lines:

:pirate_flag: The Pirates of Dark Water

The best modern(ish) Hanna-Barbera TV series had a toy line by Hasbro when it was new, but it was lacking certain major characters (Tula), as well as show-accurate takes on characters that were in the line (Ioz).

Super7 has shown through their Ultimates-branded The Simpsons, Thundercats, Transformers, G.I. Joe and upcoming Silverhawks lines that they’re the go-to for premium, show-accurate figures based on cult/niche/fan favorite TV animation.

The Pirates of Dark Water figures by Super7 in their Ultimates style would indeed make me say “Jungo lungo!”

:film_strip: Mystery Science Theater 3000

The greatest film school (and one of the all-time greatest TV shows) ever broadcast is sorely lacking in merchandise, be it figural, apparel, decor, etc.

Super7 would again be perfect for MST. Ultimates figures, ReAction figures, Satellite of Love and Deep 13 playsets, Pearl’s van, etc. You name it, they would likely do it.

As for the NeverEnding Story figures I mentioned in my last post, Super7 could handle those quite well under their ReAction banner.

If TNS did have toys in 1984, they very likely would have been done in the style inherent to the ReAction collection, so the movie and ReAction product would be a perfect fit for one another.

Maybe we’ll see something in 2024 for the movie’s 40th anniversary? :man_shrugging:t2: One can wish on Auryn and hope. :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Stephanie Brown, Batgirl or Robin (since we have a gorgeous Spoiler already), from McFarlane (or Imaginext, actually, to match my Cass Black Bat figure and Helena Bertinelli figure!)


I never watched Pirates of Dark Water. Didn’t know it was HB even.

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