What fictional city in the DC Universe would you want to live in

…and which city would you totally avoid?

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I’d live in Gotham cause you know I kinda belong there and I would avoid Atlantis cause I aint a great swimmer :slight_smile:


Gotham a bit too dark for me. I’d live in Metropolis just to get a glance at Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog and the Hall of Justice

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Central City seems pleasant…maybe Coast City to watch the jets.

As for avoiding I’d avoid Gotham. Nothing good happening there.

Gotta say it’d be Gotham. The risks would be worth it.


Gotham City


My mind says to avoid Gotham but my heart says to become a Gotham citizen!


Even though I don’t know how to swim, I would go to Atlantis haha

Not sure about cities. But before it’s destruction, I would’ve loved to have been a native son, born and living on Ma’aleca’andra.
I believe would most avoid Apokolips… That was an easy pick.

Paradise Island.

Jump city


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Well I would want to live in Fairfax from Dial H For Hero… a quiet small town with no villians in it for years… and I don’t want to die from a skyscraper falling on me ;).

Avoid… Gotham City… seriously, why do people live there?

Smallville, KS. I hate big cities.

I don’t know how anyone actually survives in Gotham.

Anywhere but Gotham

I’d live in Metropolis. If you get in trouble you could just scream Superman’s name.

Gotham, I would LOVE to be a villian lmao. Try to help drive Batsy insane :joy:

Oh and avoid Alantis, I can’t swim lmao


You guys can all get attacked by supervillains all the time, I’ll just hang out in a little bottle.

Easy, I’d stay in Themyscira, it’s so peaceful and all of the Amazonians (especially Artemis) are just so cool.
I’d stay away from Metropolis/Central City/Gotham because every other day an insane villain is destroying stuff and killing people.

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