What Fans Want

This thread is meant to give the people who are in charge of DC Universe a list of things fans want on the service. Have something you want? Add to the thread and hopefully it’s seen.

Here are the things I’d really like to see on the service.

  1. The complete Library of shows and movies.

  2. Deep dives from the creators of story arcs talking about the inspirations and intentions of the story and artwork and alternate ideas they may have had for the story.

  3. Documentaries on artists, writers and how the industry works. From summits to showing how artists and writers communicate, how the editors work. From Idea to Print.

  4. Fanfic projects should be available to watch or read.

  5. Documentaries on the process of making toys, statues and collectibles.

  6. A fan debate show would be fun.

  7. Something short like “Recovered” where artist redo a famous cover in their own style and it could be sold as a variant.

  8. Might be a controversial idea, but I think fans should be able to recolor Old golden and silver age comics with modern coloring techniques.

Those are mine, please add more!


I think an interesting concept would be have an artist give specific ideas on how they would’ve changed a storyline and what ramifications would be seen.


I like the idea of re-coloring old comics. Give us black and white scans of covers and splash pages and call it “DCU coloring book” . Maybe even do contest and give away dcu merch for the winners? I also want an “artist alley” for fans to post there artwork


A podcast section witch a collection of dc related channels and a music area with a collection of dc movie/tv/cartoon theme songs etc would be a nice addition to what’s here now.


I have a visual impairment, and cannot take a vantage of the comic books here. It would be great if you guys could give us some of the audio graphic novels. Or find a way to make your comic books accessible with voiceover. All the shows and movies, work great with it. Still loving the universe

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They should animated all the main story line like all the stuff coimc like they do with manga

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I’d love to see the merch store expanded to include the Suicide Squad merch, DC Villain Collections, etc.

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