what ever happened to ric’s brain damage symptoms?

I’m not opposed to the Ric Grayson storyline, and some of the art especially has been, like, incredible, but can we talk about how in Nightwing #50 they wrote an entire comic partially about how dick is experiencing short-term memory loss, migraines, and mood swings as side effects of brain damage, and then since then they’ve kind of just, forgotten about that? I have no objection to comics not being realistic about injuries and stuff, but if you’re going to actually make an effort to be realistic about it, at least be consistent. Shouldn’t blackouts and memory loss actually be causing problems in his life? Especially now that he’s actually, like, doing things that are important?

I would assume the parade of writers lead to that being forgotten.

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He still doesn’t remember his life post-circus, but everything else seems to have gone away/been fixed. From the cover of 51, I had thought Dick’s equilibrium would be messed up, impacting his fighting and acrobatics. I think that would have been more interesting than selective memory loss, but I guess we’ll see how this arc plays out. Nightwing can’t be sidelined forever, right? (Right? :frowning: )

I got a feeling it’s gonna turn out to be one of those “it was all a dream” deals, it would be funny if they did another 20 or so issues with Team Nightwing just to reveal that Dick has been in a coma this whole time lol I actually dig the Ric Grayson story line though