What Elseworlds Would You Like DC to Create?

I can see this happening however as it stands in my humble opinion its more a tale for the dark multiverse a few changes could, however, bring it into the light. first personal preference I would rather see Selina as the leader/commander of the current generation (she gets back into shape after giving birth) of the bats until Damian has grown up rather than having domain start as the leader as I see the girls and women forcing the 10-year-old to be a ten-year-old having Lucia’s fox continue running Wayne enterprise. so break it into three stories the new batfamily Sirens of prey 15 years later Rise of the Neo Batman. for the current generation ark why not have Steph once again a teenage mother this time with Tim drakes kid as the guy was the last of his family, I would hope in having the line continue rather having the line end.

Personally, birds of prey angle I would rather see Babs having her implant fail (thus back in a wheelchair) and pregnant with Dicks child instead of a depressive suicidal Babs, as again dick does deserve to not be the last of his line and to spite the current/ new52 rule of the batfamily cant be happy. however, also add a depressed and suicidal punchline to the Sirens of prey instead. especially since I find the idea of the riddler needing to tend to baby cravings as funny.

Neo batman has Damian returning at the age of 25 ready to take up the mantle of Batman, Joined by Knightwing (Dicks daughter age 15) and red robin (Stephine’s son age 15) along with Red Line (Jasons daughter with punchline :grin: age 13), and Helena Wayne age 15 as Batgirl…and for Damian’s love interest…personally I like the idea of it being Lucy Quin the Jokers daughter :grin:.

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Make Damian’s lover the Granddaugter of Joe Chill.

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that would be almost as interesting as him dating jokers daughter.

New Idea: Following Barbara’s shooting and the death of Jason Todd, Dick Grayson has had enough loss and decides to hang up the mantle and live a normal life until Tim Drake tracks him down. Dick successfully convinces Tim to drop it and not pursue the matter further. As a result, a more brutal and unhinged Batman takes an unhinged Helena Bertinelli under his wing as the new Batgirl, and plunges from vigilantism to outright totalitarian villainy. Dick pulls the tights out of retirement with Tim Drake as his new sidekick alongside his allies from the Titans (specifically Donna and Wally) to bring the Bat’s reign of terror to heel.

that would be interesting…

However, wouldn’t it be more interesting if it was Dick who was the unhinged Batman?

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Honestly…i can picture Dick writing the musical during his I am angary at batman period.

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He lived up to his name.


That’s another interesting wrinkle, but my concept was essentially a riff on one of my favorite arcs (A Lonely Place of Dying). Almost an “It’s A Wonderful Life” take- what would have happened if Dick had enough loss and walked away, and discouraged Tim from becoming the new Robin?

And having Helena as the new Batgirl as Bruce’s surrogate “daughter” was just me being cute with the metanarrative.

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I Had to look it up and i will have to give the ark a read as it sounds interesting. ghaa I forgot for a moment about one of my favorite characters Helena Wayne although I mostly know her New 52 era incarnation.

I have to admit I mostly know Helena B. from the Birds of Prey movie, Hush (ark), the Novelization of Batman: no man’s land and Justice league unlimited.

I pictured it’s a setting with dick going to the Darkside after Joker kills his robin…Tim Drake, and dick kills the joker with Helena b. then forcing Batman and Catwoman who had retired together(i am a massive batcat fan), needing to come out of retirement to deal with Dick and Helena, and have both a dark multiverse plot with some hope at the end.

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I just thought of an interesting one: an exploration of how DC heroes would have taken shape had Batman been the last core league member to become a hero. We have seen how the league would be affected if Superman was the last to become a hero in The nail and another nail.

However, to my knowledge, we have never really had a full dive story where Batman does not become a hero in year one regarding anything but Gotham. we see deep dive of this concept for B: TAS in Batman: Gotham Adventures #33, which took place in 2000 but never for the entire Earth. (arrowverse does not count as batman exists in it but retired after killing the joker in that universe.)
however, unlike superman where you still have to have him crash in a Rocket somewhere, you can approach batman not initially becoming batman it in a few different ways. One is Bruce did not get injured that night in the east end (year zero/Year one both have that as how he has his I shall become a bat moment), or his parents are saved by say Wildcat in the alley. You could expand on The Batman: the imposter universe.

alternate universe amanda waller create task force of superheroes and supervillains who she believe deserve a second chance in life waller don’t use bomb to blow them or sacrifice them to dangers mission

The first thing that came to mind with an ‘Elseworlds’ idea was something I dabbled with for a fanfic roleplay between friends.

With Metahumans becoming prevalent, an anti-meta hate group turned cult has recruited skilled scientists to begin exploring the multiverse for a version of Earth where Metas never appeared. The world is, however, nowhere near as technologically advanced as the one they are planning to leave. (which would make it difficult for anyone to leave the new world unless they allow it) They plan to turn that Earth into a meta-free utopia, and populate it with members of their own cult, and children they’ve decided need 'saving."

Meanwhile back on Earth, children are disappearing by the hundreds and thousands, seemingly into thin air. It will take the combined forces of several teams awhile to begin to discern a pattern. The kidnappers have developed meta-detecting technology…so only non-metahuman heroes without powers will stand a chance at getting close enough to find out what’s happening. Cue the newer younger non-powered existing JSA members, and a cast of previously unseen teen heroes of prime-age to become targets, who may be the only ones who can put a stop to the cult’s plans.

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How about a book that would illustrate just how truly terrifying it would be to just be normal in a world where entities with superpowers exist… They scratch the surface in settings like “The Boys,” but even with characters who are out to protect the “innocent” (read: non-powered) those people (or aliens, or robots, etc) would still be scary as hell. And the guys on the other side, the ones lacking the rules against harming bystanders… A world with superheroes would be beyond frightening if you weren’t one of them…

This would really only be cool if it came out in the late 90’s as I envisioned waaay back then. Nowadays the Jason Todd itch has been scratched and then some.

But anyway, the comic (one shot, mini, whatevs) would feature a Batman/The Crow crossover in which the Crow spirit brings Jason Todd back from the dead to get vengeance on the Joker.

And Batman has to stop him of course.

In 1924, eight-year-old Bruce Wayne watched in horror as a mugger guns down his parents. Five years later, fate would deal him another cruel blow, as the 1929 stock market crash wiped out the family fortune. Growing up on the hard streets of Gotham, young Wayne hones his wits and his body. In 1939, with the world on the brink of a new World War, he finally scrapes enough money together to open his own office as a private detective.

The day-to-day running of the office is handled by Alfred Pennyworth, Wayne’s surrogate father whose unwavering love and loyalty kept Bruce from teetering into the abyss while growing up on the dangerous streets of Gotham.

The city lives under the thumb of the Falcone Family. Politicians, cops, and businessmen all bend the knee. A smart gumshoe would keep his head down and stick to chasing down cheating spouses.

That’s not Bruce Wayne’s style, though. But if he wants to make a difference in Gotham, he’s going to need help. He has contacts on the police force and in the underworld, but his gut tells him that his strongest ally of all would be the young muckraking reporter who just got fired from the Gazette: A big cornfed-looking guy who looks like he just stepped off the bus from Dogpatch, USA. Despite that, he used his words like weapons to bring light where Falcone doesn’t want it. One word from the Boss to the editor put young Clark Kent on the streets and out of a job.

But, as Bruce also noted, the reporter has survived several attempts on his life completely unscathed, as if he had some greater power at his beck and call. Bruce arranged to meet Clark at the Automat and made him an offer.

Is your back to the wall, cousin? Are you grasping at that last straw, and the cops are looking the other way? Then you need THE WORLD’S FINEST DETECTIVE AGENCY.


Chapter 2::love at first sight.

a dazzling pair of Latina women come one on the run from her ex-husband Selian Kyle, one lois lane a reporter from across the bay looking to write a artical on the agency. Clark slowly falls for the Reporter. Selina and bruce end up in bed that very night.

Chapter 3: He is a cop

Well cuddling in bed Bruce learned the divorced woman Selina is a thief whose ex-husband lincoln March whats his gems back. he used to smack her around until she got sick of it, got a divorce, and stole her jewels back. The reporter meanwhile has a date with the New guy. turns out she also wants his help to look into lex corps business dealings.

chapter three: I still own that.

Turns out lexcorp was illegally built using wayne tech buildings. Bruce can fight as he goes toe to toe with a man in fact armor that makes him look like a owl.
clark investigates lexcorp with lois.

Chapter five: Showdown
Talon and Bruce in his ‘night clothing’ battle it out well Clark in the clothing his mother made him face Lex Luthar in alien power armor. meanwhile, the thief gear in her cute cat-eared cowl goes to work stealing the files that prove lexcorp is the properties of Bruce wayne. she and the reporter square off against lex’s bodyguards Mercy graves and Red Claw. they win the day but the thief pukes after they make their escape. only to come face to face with a tall blond woman, they are saved by a woman dressed in the stars and stripes, and her golden lasso.

epolog: Batcat wedding and Helena Wayne is born, with the newest investigator One Mis Diana Prince-Trevor joining and a new day to day operations manager war vet Steven Trever the agency change their name to trinity Investigations. he hires a young man named luscious fox to run the day to day at Wayne enterprises and Alfred begins fixing up Wayne manor.

to be continued in The Trinity Agency


A elseworld were Batcat are partners when Jason jacks there tires.

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“Batman: Hand of the Demon”

In his travels, several years following the murder of his parents, a teenage Bruce Wayne catches the attention of Ra’s al Ghul. In order to war on criminals he is indoctrinated into the League of Shadows

Through the years Bruce excels in spite of his refusal to use deadly force. He comes to see Ra’s as a second father, and wins the affections of Talia.

He seems poised to be next in line of succession. Until the position is challenged by a new arrival; Bane, who bests Bruce in combat. Bane then leaves Bruce to die in a cave with an injured spine.

Through force of will Bruce survives the cave eating bats, nursing his wounds, and witnessing visions of both his parents death and a world in which Bane has taken his place to eventually become the Demons Head. It is through these visions he adopts the moniker of The Batman.

Upon his return to Nanda Parbat, Bruce learns Ra’s has allowed Bane to gather forces to cull Gotham and destroy the Wayne legacy. Bruce uses stealth to make his way back to Talia. The two use the Lazerus pit to bring Bruce to his peak.

Batman challenges Bane. No longer holding himself back, Batman kills Bane with one final blow. With Bruce emerging victorious, Ra’s offers to spare Gotham. Bruce promptly refuses, wanting to instead lead the league to Gotham to kill the criminal element.

It ends with Ra’s speaking to Talia, as he reveals that he was always aware of her bringing Bane into the fold, and that they both knew he was destined to fail so that Bruce could finally become worthy, and that Gotham will be his true test. We close on the image of the Court of Owls and an army of Talons Led By Dick Grayson.

Kal-el’s rocket lands in precolonial America and he is raised by native Americans. An exploration team led by a Luther and a Wayne encounter Superman and that’s where the conflict begins.

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