What does the batmobile's horn sound like? Does Batman even use his car horn? Bat's use echolocation, so I'd think he'd be honking it all the time.

Apparently the car used in the 1960s television show was built from a 1955 Ford Lincoln Futura concept car that never worked. So no clue there.

I was thinking about this because I asked my daughter why Batman doesn’t just drive around honking his horn with his eyes closed listening to everything around him. “Robin! That sounds like the Joker!”

Then I realized that I have no idea if I’ve ever seen the batmobile go “BEEP” in the comics or heard the car horn sound in the movies. “BIFF!” “BAM!” “POW!” “HONK?”

I can put “Batman” and “batmobile” tags on this post, but no “car horn”


Probably like one of the early car horns. “Ay-ooo-gah!”

Observe: https://youtu.be/MPSSuxXoVq4


Maybe it’s ultrasonic and that’s why we can’t hear it?


As good a guess as any :slight_smile:


Why don’t DC want Batmobile horn investigators to be able to tag your posts and link them together? What are they hiding? #honkgate




Honk if you’re ho…hankering to hear the Batmobile horn :wink:


I would imagine the horn would be a screaming bat outta hell.

It’s probably just a recording of Batman growling “I’m Batman”.

I’d like to think the Batmobile’s horn sounds suspiciously similar to the General Lee’s.


I sure hope the Batmobile horn sounds better than the crappy horn heard here (go to the 18:00 mark): https://youtu.be/Mn36h2r4efo

The Batmobile doesn’t have a horn, if you can’t hear that engine coming from a mile away there is no hope for you. If it is running silent then Batman isn’t blowing a horn.

I would like to think that it has a multitude of horns. Have we ever seen Batman use a bat alarm on it?

Classic Beep Beep would be good too

Maybe the horn goes off like an air raid alarm whenever they use the parachute to stop the car Soul a little van knows when to go and pick up the chutes.

Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana Batman

I imagine it sounds badass. Like the craziest noise you’ve ever heard, something pretty dark and horrific. I imagine Frank Millers Batman roaming the streets ringing this noise everywhere he goes. I imagine that noise being like this: https://youtu.be/jdC9nJzZNyI



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You know those movie trailers that set a dramatic tone with those intense sting in the soundtrack? It kind of sounds like “bwaaammp” every five seconds?
I wouldn’t be surprised if it sounded a lot like that.


It makes a sound in Lego Batman.

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I’m sad @BillsBayou hasn’t kept drawing our attention to important questions like this.