What does Stargirl mean to you?

I’ve started reading stargirl because of the upcoming show. Mainly Stars And S.T.R.I.P.E. And it really showcases Geoff Johns amazing writing and characterisation of both characters from Dc’s past and a fresh new hero. It hits home to me how she moved states and had to leave all her friends because of her parents and her doing things to spite her step father Pat Dugan. I wish she was back in continuity and can’t wait for the upcoming tv show.

I just wanted to ask, what does she mean to you guys and how has she impacted your lives? Do you also think she’s underrated and deserves more of a spotlight?


Can I watch DC universe on my Xbox one under apps I only find the online game

DC universe is currently not available on Xbox. It is being worked on.

Stargirl is based on the sister of Geoff Johns. She was killed in an aircraft crash, possibly by terrorists.

Therefore she will always hold a special place in his heart.

On TV, he made sure she was part of the Justice Society in their only appearances, in Smallville and Legends of Tomorrow.

She was a charter member of new 52 Justice League of America.

She was in JLU animation.

I think when he protects the character and writes her always in a positive way, for a teenager.

She is a force for good, who will always try.

I think when he writes her, he tries to keep to the ideals expressed in the movie musical Goodbye Mister Chips: Is she strong and brave and true? And does she love her life her whole life true?

There are not many characters that you can trust will be handled that way.


What does Cort mean to me? She’s smart, funny, energetic and a whiz at the superhero gig. She’s yet another fine addition to the DC pantheon.


That all-american young lady, with a kick butt attitude and an awesome dad. Who wouldn’t love her.

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TBH I don’t know anything about her but I would love to learn who she is any recommendations.

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Stargirl is an always likable and very relatable and well written hero. One of my favorites in DCU, I am very much looking forward to her series.

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@dckid13, you can read Stargirl’s only starring title in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E., conveniently located in its entirety in our Comics section.

She’s also headlined various Justice Society titles and was a member of the New 52 Justice League of America.

She can be also be seen on Justice League Unlimited. In particular, season two, episode three: “Chaos at the Earth’s Core”.

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