What does DC have to do to start making better films?

Hopefully our voices can be heard. We can share ideas to what we think will make dc films great. What should they re do, keep, or what stories to tell. There is no way the avengers can out to the justice league and DC

Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam are all great films. What DC needs is people to support them instead of just allowing Marvel free reign. Let’s face it b Endgame was good but extremely flawed…


They need to continue on the direction that they shifted to with Aquaman (which is a bad movie, but a fun one). That is, charming, old-school, standalone superhero movies that aren’t trying to out-Marvel Marvel so much as tell stories true to the characters they star. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam all understood this in the same way that Man of Steel completely missed the point. The reason why the Dark Knight movies work so well is because they’re never fighting themselves over what they want to be; they’re Batman stories that never say, “Hey, Batman’s STUPID”, like Zack Snyder basically said with MoS and BvS. DC has the potential to do great things, they just sometimes don’t realize it.

Sorry, when I said Zack Snyder said “Batman’s STUPID”, I meant that he said “Superman’s stupid”.

Hire great, passionate writers and directors.

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@movieaddicit said it the best DC needs alot more support example when a DC movie comes out people will see it but than you get majority of people go well its DC so be careful because their movies arent that good instead of seen the movie first and also people like to judge before a movie even comes out to me wonder woman,aquaman,shazam are really good movies to me DC is turning things around i whish people would give DC more of a chance rather than talk trash but to me i find marvel and dc on the same ground line i dont find one company above the next each one has its pros and its cons


Build on success. The idea of a Trench movie off of Aquaman or Harley’s Birds movie being two good examples.


Forget Supes and the Bat for awhile. Make the general audience clamor for them.

Build up your cinematic character roster and don’t spend 100s of millions. WW was made for 150mil. Shazam was 100mil. They don’t need $300+mil budgets. Certainly not yet.

Don’t get conned by buying into one directors vision and giving them 800 million to make three movies. Choose directors that fit each film.

If you wanna do a Batman movie, do Gotham by Gaslight.

You want a big superhero team movie, do TT: The Judas Contract.

You want a Flash movie, do the Flash of two world and introduce the multiverse.

Do a Green Lantern Corps movie and have it nowhere on earth and have the only earth GL John Stewart. (Show at least a touch of diversity. It did wonders for Marvel with Black Panther)

Do a Hawkman & Hawkwoman movie that is the old crash landing in ancient Egypt, killed by Vandal Savage, reincarnated lovers story.

All five of those are great, deep stories that focus more on character than mega action.

Harken back to what made Superman 77 and Batman 89 great and well received movies. They were character driven stories. Stories that made you care about the characters and didn’t go to far a field from canonical sources.

Get people to care about characters, as Marvel did with IM, Thor, Cap, Natasha, Black Panther. The fact that when the MCU started, X-men, FF, & Spidey weren’t available for them to use. X-men was the X-men and Spider-Man were the two biggest movie franchise Marvel had. The fact that the MCU had to work without them (ok they got Spidey back. But it was late in the game) helped the MCU. It forced them to focus on characters not huge superhero brands. DC doesn’t have to copy the MCU but they do need to look at building movies around characters and keeping to characteristics of those characters that have a long history of being true.


Right now, I’m more concerned about people actually going to SEE their movies.

Let’s be honest, outside the Trinity, The Justice League, maybe even the Titans, there are plenty of DC characters that are not recognized by mainstream audiences. Marvel slowly spent it it’s time wisely building audience expectation and good will. Nobody heard of the Guardians of the Galaxy until that movie came out, but they all went to see it, because Marvel built a coherent universe that people fell in love with. It’s the same reason people will go to see The Eternals and Shang-Chi.

DC has yet to do this. They tried and failed with Snyder’s DCEU, now they’re focusing on making good standalone films, which is perfectly fine, but still…how many people know who the Birds of Prey are? How many people know about the New Gods? Blue Beetle? Blackhawks? Booster Gold? Shazam’s a good example. It was a great movie, probably the DCEU’s(if that’s what we’re still calling) best, but it didn’t make anywhere near the money Aquaman or Wonder Woman made, because Shazam is not as mainstream as these two characters. Right now, without a continuous flowing story, DC’s banking on primarly the DC fanbase and people curious enough to see another superhero film they may never have heard of.

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Who had heard of Suicide Squad but it out did both Dr. Strange and BvS in net profit.

SS out did Dr. Strange by $80 million in worldwide box office and let’s be honest, the MCU had hit its stride by then.

BvS made more than SS, but the amount more it made was about equal to the amount more it cost to make. And it had all three members of the trinity in it.


Just keep going. Build on success. In my opinion, the cast is golden and essential. Keep Cavill. Keep Affleck. Make more movies. Batman and Superman can be the links to them all.


For me just the building blocks for starters were Wonder Woman, Aqauman, and Shazam every single one was a great movie and good character development. Now with The Joker coming out in October its gonna be a test for Warner Bros. To show that if this rated R movie is a success then other characters who are considered R rated characters could have a possible movie. But the movies they want to come out with in the near future such as Blue Beetle and Plastic Man I am all for them. Also James Gunn’s Suicide Squad I think is going to be really good. But then again only time will tell if Warner Bros will continue with this in the near future.

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Actually, Birds of Prey has a small base due to the :tv: series that was briefly on The CW (or was it still the WB). CW Seed even ran the series for a long while (is it still there?). I understand that it wasn’t a big hit and not many watched it, but it gained awareness. Shazam! will probably do a lot better on home video as word of mouth spreads. With each success, hopefully it will get more people to open their minds to DC films. Also, Iron Man and Thor were not exactly household names before the :movie_camera: and if people stop automatically hating DC, things can change for the better…


… have it not be made by Warner Brothers. Not being snarky, it really would be that simple. DC properties tend to do better on TV or with animated features because the Warner TV and animators tend to understand what they are doing with DC properties. The movie division though doesn’t get superheroes and at this point after years of superheroes dominating theaters if they don’t get what they need to do by now they never will. This isn’t unique to WB either. The Marvel properties that were handled by Fox were brutalized for example. WB & Fox are similar in that both studios are perfectly capable of putting out quality movies, but the genre is lost on them. Short of a complete overhaul of WB (not happening) DC isn’t going to have a quality film presence

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@ F_Flash
I disagree. DC is staring to embrace the build a universe without Bats & Supes as a way to grow the film going population. Which Suicide Squad, Aquaman, Wonder Woman & even Shazam has done.

Make superhero movies that are uplifting stories with characters that can resonate with non-comics audiences. They have so far (having now distanced themselves from the Snyderverse). It is paying off. Both at the box office and the bottom line.


Joker is a completely separate from the other movies. With its small budget it’s almost certainly going to succeed financially. What little hype there has been has been good. A big showing at the box office, fan support and yes critical acclaim for Birds of Prey and WW2 will be the key to the DCEU continuing success. I am still waiting on news about the Green Lantern Corp movie.

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I guess saying “never” is a little strong. I tend to see the DC movies that are actually well done, such as Wonder Woman, as being that way in spite of having to go through WB. Hollywood has always had it’s rules about the way things are done and it is shocking how thick headed they can be. Even if you bring in people from TV and comics who “get it” to fix the problems they are still surrounded by the same people who have been bungling things for years.

A large part of why the MCU was able to take off the way it did was Marvel essentially ran around the major studios. I don’t want to lay out the problems with the MCU on a DC board, but since Disney has taken over it’s slowly coming apart due to Hollywood-think which is a shame. Even when the formula is well established, the movie people will find a way to try to do it their way. DC has never had that burst of independent energy since it is tied to WB no matter what. Maybe WB will figure some things out, but the cynic in me has trouble seeing that happening

DC needs to go back to its roots. There was a time in America where people who were extremely challenged developed themselves to help others, and generally got in big trouble for it, but it was “the American way”. The heroes were often pathetically underpowered as people generally are, and got beat down often by very powerful self serving entities. Hawkman just got beat up and killed frequently but his persistence was amazing. The Black Canary helping others and the fighting the same corruption that killed her father while she struggles to pay her bills. But they were persistent, which set them apart from most. The original Justice Society disbanded when they started bearing down too heavy on congressional pet crimes. Nowadays the heroes morphed into buffed up high tech armored soldiers, resembling the villians they used to confront. I dont think it was the violence of comics but the desire to help others which after the me generation became unfashionable. And the fact they tried despite their vulnerabilities was their strength. Geoff Johns did a great effort to show this in Smallville “Absolute Justice” episode but love to see it explored further.

Feel like this is the most redundant topic of the past year. The most boring part about it is it will stay that way. Not because of films…

They shouldn’t try to make a universe over it they should make individual superhero franchises just my opinion tho