what does batman rebirth recognize from the new 52

so i have been trying to figure it out for weeks

question: what does batman rebirth recognize from the new 52 comics

  1. please don’t tell me to Google it I HAVE FOR A While. yet to get an answer

  2. Due to time and not having a endless amount of cash please dont reply with “just read and find out” i do plan on buying and reading them all but at my own paste

  3. what i have heard so far and why i ask this question

so i heard that the batman rebirth recognized the jim Gordon batsuit stuff so i have heard

i hear flash recognize alot of wally west stuff like his love interest

and superman recognize. … A WHOLE SHIT TON OF STUFF

but i am just curious about the batman/detective comics not nightwing red hood superman or anything else just batman/ detective comics thanks

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I think pretty much everything.

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I mean, New 52 actually brought a lot of the prior age stuff back into continuity. The one thing I think they did bounce back to was Tim was actually a Robin.

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To my understanding, New 52 is still in continuity with Rebirth. So you could read the full N52 run of Batman and go straight into Rebirth without issues.

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Rebirth is really just the step after New 52. The only big continuity change is the merging of “pre-flashpoint” Superman with “the new 52” Superman, as they both were running around the universe for a bit. There are minor recons in Batman, but there are ALWAYS minor retcons with every character. (i.e. Tim Drake was a Robin before being Red Robin, Kate Kane is Bruce’s cousin.) Another change is the Wildstorm characters have been broken off to their own Earth basically.

But with that said, the Rebirth era recognizes everything from the New 52.

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thanks everyone for the reply really appreciate it :slight_smile: