what do you want to see out of Titans

We are now half way through the first season of Titans, and it has been an amazing ride. And There’s so much that goes into the mythos of the Titans, what do you want to see in the follow up season?

I really want to see more of the team together but also get some new additions to the team. I heard Donna Troy is gonna become a regular next season so it’ll be cool so see more titans in live action


It’s been amazing to say the least. So here’s a general overview of what I personally want. So there’s a formula for the show now. I see it. And it’s working like gangbusters. Everything that I hoped they would do, they’re actually doing. Even from the first episode you knew how they wanted to present this universe to the audience. It really shows in how the story is told and the pace of each episode how everyone involved understands these characters.

To answer your question, and I’ve said this previously, I want more of the same. The show right now for me is a perfect balance between heart, grit, action, cbm, and realistic story-telling. The formula is working. I wouldn’t deviate from it too much. I can only imagine the budget will get bigger as this show really gains some steam which can only improve on what they can do now.

This titans universe could be the foundation of essentially a Justice League Unlimited, where they could introduce anyone and everyone from DC comics and they would fit right in. The writers name drop so subtly and it’s brilliant.

Titans is this good.

  • Dick as Nightwing

  • Batman guest stars in an episode to team up with Nightwing

  • Beast Boy turning into different animals

  • Titans being an actual superhero team

  • Brother Blood, Deathstroke and Trigon appearances

  • Titans Tower


I don’t think I could ask more of it so far, but I like the trigon, brother blood and Donna Troy remarks. Trigon has to be a lock to appear eventually, fingers crossed on the rest.

Trigon for Raven’s arc. Not to be beaten, but put down. The nightwing evolution conpleted. season 2 follwings Cory learning more about hereself.

Also, i get the tiger deal, but c’mon…It’s beast boy…

A different wig for Anna Diop

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Booster Gold showing up suddenly at the end of an episode. Picture the Titans leaving a location when suddenly a big flash of light appears. Gar says “Hey man, who are you?”

The camera turns to Booster with Skeets hovering behind him. Booster flashes his smile and says “Hi Titans, I’m Booster Gold. Let’s hang!” then the credits roll.

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It would be nice if Batman and Robin weren’t murderers who viciously brutalize their enemies

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Church of Blood (Brother Blood)
Death Stroke
Maybe Azarath in a flashback sequence or something.
Definitely more on Starfire (more cb accurate suit.)
The H.I.V.E

Just to name a few.