What Do You Want to See in WB Montreal’s Next Batman Game?

While we’re all waiting for the “rumored” reveal of the next Batma game at this year’s game awards, I’d like to know what you guys want to see/do in the game?

Here’s what I’d like to see:

Batbike (with battle mode that’s not forced into the narrative)

More obscure cast of villains with less empht on mainstream villains.

Unlockable costumes that aren’t exclusive to retailers as well as a large variety of costumes that spanned earlier franchise entries

More variety of open world activities. Arkham Knight did a solid job with this by the end of the season pass. Something similar to that or more detailed would be ideal.

Stronger emphasis on stealth.

Team takedowns.

Character specific storylines with each possibly effecting the game’s ending.

Post your suggestions below!

A lot more of Oracle, playable Cassandra Cain, and a super tough Lady Shiva fight.


I want to see them not make the game and leave it to Rocksteady because WBMontreal made Batman Origins combat, and that was bad. Still crossing my fingers for a Rocksteady Green Arrow game.

Maybe a multiplayer mode like they had for Arkham Origins?
I never got to play it because they shut it down but I would love if they brought that back for this game.

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