What Do YOU Want to See Happen in Doom Patrol Season 2? (Spoiler-Free)

With the release of the much-anticipated season finale of Doom Patrol, “Ezekiel Patrol,” where would you like to see our ragtag group of heroes go in a potential Season 2?

Would you like to see another crossover with Titans, a season-long attempt to take down The Brotherhood of Evil, or watch more of the comic-based characters join the team? Whatever a second season holds for our super-powered misfits, we’re sure to be shocked, entertained, and left with wanting more!

Let us know what you would like to see in the comments!

“Ezekiel Patrol,” the season finale of Doom Patrol is now streaming. Be sure to check it out!


Keith Giffen had a run on Doom Patrol in the 00s that significantly featured Ambush Bug… he might be a good pull for the show.


Rita using her powers more and being able to grow giant.


Not familiar enough with the comics to weigh in on what to add, but Ambush Bug would be awesome (and if not on Doom Patrol I nominate Alan Tidyk as a live action Ambush Bug). Another Titans crossover would be cool, or maybe a Swamp Thing crossover.

I also would like to see some of Jane’s personalities that we have seen little or none of take center stage. I know you can only do much in the short seasons they have, but what they could add would be awesome.


I want catharsis for Jane! I want everyone to have it, but Jane’s gotten the least and needs it the most.

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I pray we get a season 2! I want to see more Flex Mentallo and flesh out a certain ape faced girl…


Yeah, definitely more Flex. His innocent dork energy’s a good ingredient in the mix.


A team-up with Power Girl.
In the comics, they ended up crossing paths with both Supergirl and Power Girl. I think when they met up with Power Girl, their earlier Supergirl team-up got retconned post-Crisis to have been with Power Girl instead.

Red Jack abducting Rhea.

Kalki coming for Celsius and her marriage to Niles being revealed to be real.

For new members, either Bumblebee or Casey Brinke. Or even the aforementioned Power Girl if Cyborg doesn’t return.

I could see the Doom Patrol taking charge and seeking out the oddities and placing them either in Danny or in training if they need help.


The Insect Mesh vs Geomancers + The Brotherhood of Dada.

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Back to the beginning General Immortus


General Immortus is a great choice for season 2 villain, since the theme of immortality just got thrown into the mix. I’m guessing we’ll see the Candlemaker in the finale. Set up the Brain for season 3


Inasmuch as Mr. Nobody is still in existence, he could be reincarnated as Morrison wrote him: a mostly harmless wiseass.

Remember that DANNY liked the Brotherhood of Dada. They were not really adversaries of the DP, but an entertaining monkey wrench (or spanner) in the works.

For season 2, I want the creative team to throw a BIG bag of wonderfully creative **** at the fan and see what sticks, then go from there.

That worked out splendidly for season one.

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Recast or Reboot Cyborg
& transfer Cyborg to Teen Titans.

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I want to see the Chief get redeemed

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If you ever find out what happened to the animal vegetable mineral man escapes are with episodes because I found it boring at times in a little too weird for even me likes weird stuff General immortus brain mallah phobia warp

I’m sorry but I don’t like all that cursing it’s not normal nobody curses that much in real life I’ve heard I saw more cursing on that series and I haven’t heard in the 55 years I’ve been alive

I hate talk texting what I said earlier or meant was did we ever find out what happened to any animal vegetable mineral man

I want a renewal.

@brig No disrespect, but I heard more cussing when I was still in high school

I’m 70 and have zero problems with naughty language. When Rita uses it, she’s very serious. When Jane uses it, look out. When Cliff uses it, he’s a brain in a can.

You’d curse, too.