What do you want to see for Matt Reeves The Batman in the future?

I have been wondering what other people would want for Matt Reeves The Batman universe in the future, so I’m asking you fans of what you would want to see.

As an old man he tries to save a woman. He has a heart attack, and he is beaten with a crowbar. He pulls a gun to defend himself. He turns the lights off in the batcave and declares “Never again.” Cue opening credits.

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Let me guess… Batman Beyond.


Wait, a show actually starts like this? I need to watch more TV.

I want Blight as big bad with Big Time or Shriek being the hired gun. Royal Flush Gang are villains of the sequel.

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With the bad press about the star’s fitness; I want to see this one first, then I might want a new Batman.

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Yeah, I just wanted to know how other people would pitch a Batman movie. I think Matt Reeves The Batman will be great! Maybe even the best.