What do you think superheroes would be like in the real world

If DC superheroes and villains were in the real world what would their stories be like? What impact would they have on the world? How would people react?

Politicians would immediately try to get the heroes endorsement for sure


The general public would be fearful of anybody with superpowers

Generally people fear what they don’t understand

I think that was stated a movie once



Glass is a beautiful intro to understanding how our reality would mesh with super heroes. Doctors coming up with an excuse for every little thing to disprove Super-Humanism as a thing seems realistic. What’s the best way to disable someone with skills better than yourself? Convince them that they are nothing special… It’s cruel and stupid but sometimes doctors can win with this sort of mind games.

But to go back to the jiffy…

I will say that we as comic fans would generally love to see superheroes be a thing in real life, I highly doubt anyone would be comfortable in that sort of world. Of course, nobody could tell me “You’re wrong, I’d love if I could be a part of that type of world” because… well, they haven’t actually lived in such a world.

Let’s see here, how would our minds be able to adjust to say, going from a comic book/cartoon/hollywood to seeing it personified in a real life situation from sample to sample. I can guarantee that the human brain would not calculate it nor accept it the same way. It’s one of those things where people think they’d be okay with because they think that media has prepared them, and then when it actually happens, it would be a reminder to how ignorant the human race can be.

In short,
Asking how the public would react to superheroes in real life is the same to asking how humans would do in a real life zombie apocalypse. The answer will always be the same - we would just not do well lol

While I’d support most of the humanity would not be OK with it already stated. I’ll add this.
I think almost all of humanity would be very put off based on the idea that power will eventually corrupt.