What do you think of the new Joker movie?

As a fan I’m trying to understand where this new Joker movie is coming from and how it will make sense to general audiences and fan’s understanding of the character.

The Killing Joke is the most accepted Joker origin story and even then he states he’s so crazy those might not be his memories. With “Arthur” you get a completely solo picture with a new Joker origin… why is WB making this film if it has zero connection to comics or films? It seems like the only thing it can add to the character is confusion. It seems like WB just wanted a scary clown movie to make money off of the “IT” craze.

I’m excited, I rather see DC focus on solo movies that aren’t apart of a cinematic universe. Gives directors and writers more freedom to work with the character.

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Also Arthur Joker looks like Heath Ledgers goon mask paint with his same green hair. So is this a desperate attempt at a Heath Ledger Joker prequel but no one wants to admit that out of respect?


“So is this a desperate attempt at a Heath Ledger Joker prequel but no one wants to admit that out of respect?”

I’m pretty sure this is just a solo elseworld tale that DC wants to do since the DCEU isn’t really going anywhere. Also, the hair looks similar to a lot of different versions of the Joker.

There is footage of Joker stepping off a subway. I wont go into details, but read the signs and check out the crowd. Is Joker running for Mayor? Steering the public against the wealthy? Destabilizing the Gotham power structure? Did he just know there was a clown gathering, and figure it was easy target? Is he a failed comedian forced into clown work for money?


Joker isn’t a character that really works as the main character of a story, unless you change him into something like Jack Nicholson’s Joker. He’s supposed to function like more of a force of nature, a hurricane that the hero must deal with. Making him the main character robs him of the mystique. Especially as you’re supposed to emphasize with the main character so you want them to come out on top, and Joker should never, ever be the one you emphasize with.

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What happened to Jack Napier?