What do you think of ...Dear Justice League

So I’ve been waiting for this since the Free comic day preview. And this was just too awesome. I actually bought TWO. The story and narrative tone are just beautiful. Combined with the artwork just makes it FANTASTIC. In my opinion, this would be a perfect MOTION COMIC. So DC marketing if you are reading these posts, look into the revenue, cost, etc. Because this book is awesome and worth it


It is absolutely adorable and I love it to bits, its got a lot of really good themes and messages for young readers that I think a lot kids are missing growing up, like having it be okay to make mistakes. I think it’s the perfect read for young kids (or even anyone, I read it and I’m 22) that want to get into comic books but also want that nice friendly feel to it.

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I love it to pieces, and I’ve only just started it. It’s fun!

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