What do you think for new Arrowvirce show...

I was thinking and I know I am not the only one, but what about a Red Hood and Arsenal CW show. Bringing back Colton Haynes and finding a Red Hood about the same age (30ish)?

Who would you cast as Jason Todd? Can not be anyone currently playing in a DC production and must be within 25 to 35 years of age.

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Just to be clear I live Curran Walters in Titans but this needs to be an older Red Hood.

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Two things:
Two) Taron Egerton


I honestly think it either be a blue beetle show since they name drop Kord a lot or might even be a batman beyond live action series

It won’t happen, but I’d love for Flash to spin Ralph (and Sue, once she’s introduced) off into an Elongated Man show.

Im thinking tim drake as red robin. I feel like the arrowverse is onto damien wayne as robin because of the hole destruction of the league. Plus id love to see all the former robins in an episode potentialy. Plus the whole robin/speedy rivalry would be great. (Im going by comics names. Im pretty sure roy harper became arsenal after leaving the green arrow similaor to dick grayson becoming nightwing.)