what do you think about the service?

Do you think they should add more content, more often? If so, how long and how much should be added?

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It is great it is super new but just think if if they do right by October, there first year and kick it into gear the next they promised Orignal content every Friday and then some. Not to mention I feel like negotations there going to keep the thousands comics number around 5-10K maybe.

I am enjoying thus far.

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One word: AWESOME.

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Underwhelmed. Missing the Judas contract, season 2 of young Justice, no app for watching on a console, instead of my tiny phone, needs a more user friendly UI, and various other complaints. Nothing super bad but they’re adding up.

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Young justice season 2 is on here

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         The most important content will be added in May
                             Swamp Thing

Got up this morning and no new episode! Why is that? We are paying money but nothing to show for it. I bought this for my kids. I was really reluctant to make the purchase but I did for them. What am I getting; if no, new episode is showing. Promises made; should be promises kept. The episodes are really good but to watch them by computer is not. I really think you really did not inform customers about the cost or delay. (when it comes to the episodes) This is very unfortunate for all your customers, especially the kids.

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In short, I love it. Just got a huge comics addition and they completed B:TAS so I’m happy. More DCU shows lined up for the rest of the year. I can only hope 2020 is the same amount of awesome.

@fredfitness, the new episodes you’re referring to I assume are about DCU’s exclusive content like Titans and Young Justice? Those are really noooot for children, in my opinion. But to each their own I guess. We’re getting tons of new episodes of cartoons this month. They’re the New Batman Adventures and The Batman. Your kids might like them.

I think it’s great. There’s more than enough here for the amount of spare time I have.

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@fredfitness what new episodes are you talking about?

They should have a lot more content in the comics. The Superman (1939) series only has a couple issues which is ridiculous. Detective Comics doesn’t have any New 52 issues on here. DC is supposed to add double the content by the end of March but if they don’t add the major series like more Superman (1939), Batman (1940), Detective Comics (1937) and Action Comics (1938) just to name some then it won’t matter.They should have had those four major series uploaded from day 1. Instead of doubling the content they should quadruple it.

I love this service and happy I’m able to get access to all of these comics and episodes. If I’m wanting more lol I’d have to say add the movies in as well and allow digital view of Aquaman and Shazam when its released for digital download?

Love the service, works fantastic on my iPad and AppleTv. Content is great and looking forward to more in time.

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Not completely satisfied with the service but i paid for the year so they have until then to sell me on another year :grin: i am extremely happy that they are adding more comics hopefully they go the “marvel unlimited” route that everyone mentions when they bring up suggestions. I would love not having to worry about comics being taken down, and having the leisure to read what i want when i want from a vast selection (because having a limited amount of comics doesn’t mean you will satisfy everyones tastes) and potentially having a huge library will definitely cater to something everyone likes. Hopefully they have the gaming system app soon as I don’t like to use my laptop or phone much so here’s hoping it comes sooner rather than later.

Personally, I’m a casual comic reader and there’s tons for me to choose from. However, I do see there being some disdain from others about incomplete story arcs and the like. And I can agree that they should avoid having pieces of stories when possible.

The streaming video selection, in my opinion, is lacking in choices from their animated movie collection. I think this is where DC excels, especially in titles released within the last 4-5 years or so. They wouldn’t even need all of them. But putting up a few more than what’s already there and maybe have a solid 2-3 month rotation with them coming in and out. But the number of active animated movies should be higher than it is. This is how I believe they add the most value to the most people in as few steps as possible.

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I love the service. But I really want it to come into the PS4!

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I am very disappointed in the movies/tv they have on here. THIS IS FREAKING DC! We should have the dceu movies, Nolan trilogy, and more! This is supposed to be “everything dc”, not “some stuff dc”. It’s annoying because part of me believes that they are holding off content.

I agree with Mr. Nobody my main draw in was the comics and animated movies and shows. What’s the point of reading any comic if you won’t get the complete story arc, i really hope that at least going forward story arcs are complete. I would definitely love more of the animated films because that’s what i like to watch I don’t much care for the live action films unless it’s something new like the titans original show, or doom patrol.

I love it, as long as it keeps getting better. They’re slowly making it great.