What do you think about Lego Dc Villains

I loved it


I think it’s fun, I like how there’s few places you can go to beside Gotham. Can’t wait to play the Batman The Animated Series level pack when it get release as a dlc. :slight_smile:


It looks fun as I know most Lego games are but the style just isn’t for me. I’d try a demo though

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Not a gamer in most respects so I haven’t played it (it does look fun though), but I do like the DC Legos. They’re fun.

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I’m currently playing it and love it, but I keep running into game stopping bugs. Had to delete my save a couple of times. First time, I wasn’t able to collect a power and couldn’t progress past or reload prior to the level I was on, another the game just kept crashing after a currant boss fight.

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Good game, but LEGO Batman 2 is the best LEGO game

I think Harley had super cute eyes and I thought it was pretty cool that they made Reverse Flash all jittery, even though it’s a bit distracting

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Just started playing last night, loving it so far tho :slight_smile: