What Do You Think A Green Lantern Has To Think About When Creating Constructs?

Just curious!!!

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They imagine what they want to create but takes a lot of willpower out of them


For sure, I’m looking for something a little deeper, like, what do you think they are thinking of when they draw willpower more so

Probably depends on the Lantern. I imagine most of them think about the people they care about.


Kyle doesn’t even have to think, his brain just reacts artistically and his constructs come out beautifully.

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@LEXC0RP, lbs, Kyle Rayner is amazing anyways!

I know what Guy’s thinking! Huh, huh? You know what I’m talking, eh? Say no more… say no more!

<That’s my best Eric Idle voice>

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Hal Jordan: *Making massive construct to take out Atrocitus, loses train of thought due to forgetting to brush his teeth that morning. *

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Vacuum cleaners and boxing gloves.

Seriously, whatever they hope will get the job done. If Relic is stomping around somewhere, then a GL will think of something that will hopefully stomp Relic.

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