What Do You Recommend for Old Timers?

I don’t know about you, but I have a reading list a mile long thanks to this app. We talk all the time about “Movies for beginners”, “Good comics for beginners” etc. What would you recommend to those who think they have seen it all? Give a movie/TV show and a comic!

Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (with the new CW show starting reviewing a different take on this character may be interesting! I wouldn’t put it past them to reference this movie and I find very few have seen it!)

If you know me at all you can probably guess… No Man’s Land! This event gave us the first canonical appearance of Harley Quinn (there’s a little debate on that one but I count it!), Cassandra Cain, and is the last we see of Harold Alnut for awhile… It also gave us what is now excepted as a map of Gotham and was a great story!


Having joined in on today’s JLU watch-along, I must confess that of every show in the DCAU, JLU has has aged the best. They could put it out today and it wouldn’t really seem “dated”. Add to that so many of our more minor heroes get their moment in the spotlight as well.

Seeing as we are quickly approaching all hollows eve, I recommend Batman vs Dracula. Based on Batman from The Batman animated series.

As for comics:
Batman, issue 232. The first appearance of Ra’s al Guhl.
Any comic done by the team of O’Neil and Adams.
Who’s who and what’s what in the DC Universe.


If you think you’ve seen it all, I recommend following some of your favorite characters from eras past into their respective “Convergence” two-shot series… you may be surprised by what you find. The tie-ins for this “event” were designed with the hardcore reader in mind.


How’s this for old, old timer.

The Adventures of Superman radio show June 7, 1943, “The Meteor from Krypton”. The debut of Kryptonite in the DC universe. I found it on You Tube.

At that same time, Action Comics #61 was released. Superman is struggling with whether he should reveal his true identity to Lois to prevent her from marrying some rich dude. Reading this gives you such gems as this

Superman in a tree spying on Lois. Gotta love it.

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