What do you really want to see on DC Universe!

Ok , yes I know there are some familiar post that ask what would you like to see my post is different. It’s different because I’m asking , no begging my fellow DC Fans to tell me what you want on the comics, the movies/shows, and the rewards? Tell me your list of things you want on this app. Don’t hold back because we don’t want this app to go the Darksied of Apocalypse! ( see what i did there) Lets talk about the wants , what we love, and what we think needs work. Why am I even doing this because its us fans that say we want this to stay and we want to make it better. If we can get the JL Synder Cut released we can do anything.

Respect the S @Kon_

I know it’s nearly impossible to accomplish due to rights issues and things, but I’d love to see some Black Label and Vertigo stuff on here, especially Sandman.


I’d like to see more graphic novels. There’s a lot of important holes in the collection.


More of the old movies and shows

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  1. All movie content: Shazam, Suicide Squad, Dark Knight series, Man of steel, etc.
  • Interviews with movie actors
    -Behind the scenes of movie set
    -Deleted scenes of movies
  1. All Arrowverse content: Arrow, Supergirl, Flash, Stargirl, etc…
  • Interviews with show actors
    -Behind the scenes of show set
    -Deleted scenes of the show
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