What Do You Really Think of the DCU App?

#2 drives me crazy.

I like the app, but I’m wondering about the future of it. I’d really like to see them add all the movies of DC hero’s to be streamed such as Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. I also think we should be able to stream all the CW shows. I heard recently that Stargirl will be moved to CW exclusively which has me worried as to if we will still have shows here.

It used to be pretty buggy. Now: not as buggy!

Pains me to say but I feel like 2020 is the last year for DC Universe.

I love it . My favorite app, my only tech issue is when clicking a comic in “My Comics” i get a error code saying “this issue isnt available at this time, please try again later”. So the only way i can continue reading a series now is going through the “dive back in” section.

I’ve loved this app and consumed great content on it, but I think it’s painfully obvious the end is near (no more yearly sub, no more reward points, most content on HBO Max now).

Regarding original content: while Star girl is just meh (I’m definitely not the target audience), Titans, Doom Patrol, and Harley season 2 are all stellar.

I wouldn’t mind it if theres a relaunch at some point and combo sub with HBO Max; we really need the comics.

If the app goes away completely, I hope it’s reborn as something standalone like Marvel Unlimited, or (less ideally as their content has lots of gaps) Comixology Unlimited.

A slightly lower price point and 6 month gap (as opposed to one year) for new books would be good for a comics-only approach.

The only real complaint about the books I have is that the reader isn’t as good as Comixology.

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I agree with every thing you said.

I love this app. I don’t visit the community much since I don’t have much to say. But the comics and animation is what I’m here for. Gonna miss it.

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Love DC Universe, the community forum ranking system is really fun as well as the badges and things of that nature. If I could add a couple things it would be

  1. Add all DC movies including Birds Of Prey/Joker/etc.
  2. Add Vertigo comics
  3. Add suggested reading lists like ‘Modern Era Batman reading guide’
    That being said, can’t give this app enough props at it’s current state.

Looks like your wish is coming true! Did you hear? DC Infinite is on the way!

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Yezzir I’m psyched for it!

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Same I can not wait! Finally new comics!