What Do You Really Think of the DCU App?

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Let’s have an honest chat about this app


I actually enjoyed coming to DC Universe and the app has been pretty good, the only down side I can think of is how sorry I am that they got rid of yearly subscription, I think getting rid of that is a mistake. Other then that it’s all good.:slightly_smiling_face:


I think DC universe should promote more DC universe teams shows and have and honestly more talk shows like individually let community member get more involved like live video chats with other members to support the dcverse everything else is good I MEAN I WOULD LOVE AN DOON PATROL AND TITANS ANS JSA TEAM UP SHOW ONE DAY YAH FOR JUSTICE!!!


App is really good. My two complaints:

  1. Performance. When you are typing a message on android (Samsung Galaxy S10e), the app becomes unusably slow, and each character takes seconds from click to appearing on screen.
  2. Back button jumping up in a thread instead of returning to previous page - i.e. search results.

Apart from that - loving it.


Excellent suggestion too DC plz update the keyboard problem it would really help slot get to it Static shock​:zap:

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The DC Daily show was the key to the successful connection with fans and online community. Disney+ lacks this so the connection with fans is not there. Ironic because Disney is the founder of the fan relation Mouseketeer type connection.

Without DC Daily the app feels hollow.
A daily show is a strong core idea especially during these days of pandemic lockdown.


I do agree that losing DC Daily was a negative, but we still do have a connection with Applejacks office hours.

I absolutely love the app. I had waited years for a “DC Unlimited” ( DC’s answer to Marvel Unlimited ). and we have it and it is in my opinion better.


I believe this streaming app is an absolutely wonderful platform to enjoy a wide variety of your favorite DC content. I do believe that there are additional shows and movies that could be added into the app so that we are not missing anything DC related. With that said I also extremely enjoy the availability of comic series and issues. I do feel that, to ensure success in the future, the DC Streaming service could refrain from removing any material or content from the app as taking content away would be a disservice to its audience.

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In a nutshell, this app has been one of the best things that has happened to me in the last couple of years.


Jimmy! Shut Up and Dance!

Where’s My Disco Biscuits @ Check It! We are Going Back in Time! WB vs DC Tag Team Cage Matches RD 1

I pulled the trigger on the app once they implemented an actual comics library and not that rotating BS. I’m pretty content with the web version but the Android version on my Firestick doesn’t offer me a way to view my comics lists that I have saved.

I always found the Movies & TV to be lacking and things expiring sure doesn’t help. I don’t really like much of the originals with the exception of Swamp Thing (RIP) and Doom Patrol.

The community is cool and I’ve met some pretty great people here.

I found the Encyclopedia lacking at the beginning but it looks beefy as hell now and I am quite impressed with the profiles provided for popular characters like Batman.

The community is cool. The comics feature is everything considering how little originals there actually are. And now that everything except YJ is moving elsewhere I see a cancellation after season 4 (which I don’t want) but then again the only good originals they’ve done are YJ and Stargirl. Ig what I’m saying is I see the end of DCU coming and ig it’s for the best cuz they started off quite rocky and started doing better too late in the game. You only get one chance at a first impression and they honestly blew it.

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Everything but Young Justice moving elsewhere? Doom Patrol is still on here. Titans is still on here. Swamp Thing will sir it’s only season on the CW in the fall to plug holes in their programming because of the pandemic but it won’t be removed. Harley Quinn is still on here. I don’t see anything about Titans leaving.

Stargirl’s second season will be on the CW but we don’t know if that means the first season will be pulled from here or if we’ll eventually get that second season on here months after it airs on the CW.

Maybe we’ll have more info when Fandome hits, but until then I don’t see anything credible saying the originals we have are being removed from this service.


Heard they were moving to HBO Max. And it’s not unlikely. And I keep forgetting about Harley Quinn… wasn’t impressed.

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There’s a lot of rumor and speculation going around. Misinformation spreads fast. Until it’s verified from a reliable source from a reputable outlet, treat anything you hear as a rumor.


What has been your experience with the reward system? And have you received any items you have redeemed with your points?

I love this app. It makes me want to… PARTAY!

But in all seriousness, it is my favorite app and the one I use the most. The community is wonderful. Our overlords (mods) are nice and helpful, even with my stupid question! I love the comic selection. It’s a really well designed app. I can easily find any issue I’m looking for. The movie/show selection is great. I love getting to watch all the really old Superman cartoons my mother used to put on for us.

It’s a great app. I have the most fun when using this app. I’ve got a lot of new friends, like Biff, CP, TravisM, Desade, Ralph, and so many more! It’s also really helped me shape my online persona. I am the giant, sausage and spider loving ninja! :grin:

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I Love it! Initially I pre-ordered for comics and content! original and classic series but i find the communities here among the friendliest and respectful I’ve EVER SEEN so that Became a HUGE unexpected Bonus!

In short Awesome™:+1:.

The movie/shows great. From classics to new I get to see stuff I’ve never seen or relive old nostalgia with shows I’ve enjoyed. Even if the shows are shared it doesn’t matter. They’re still on here which is great. Other services share shows more eyes viewing it only better the shows.

The comic are amazing. My only source of comics is this and because of DC Daily (hope for a return one day) who got me into them and haven’t looked back since.

The rewards great. Free swag for doing what I already do amazing. Sure its buggy but what is the first time they’re doing so it won’t perfect but can only get better which it is.

And the community one of the best parts filled with great people to chat DC and other stuff with. Probably one of the best communities I’ve seen.