What do you prefer - Digital or Physical Comics?

I’m slowly preferring digital. While I do love holding comics while reading and also collecting them, digital is more convenient. Not worrying about space to put my comics, huge discounts on trade paperback collection, 200 GB of storage memory will practically get you tons of comics to read in your tablet, panel by panel is an awesome feature while reading, and high end tablets having HD picture quality. I mostly collect physical comics that are considered classic. Most of the time, I buy them digitally.

I do hope physical comics will never die but I think digital is more accessible.

What do you guys prefer?

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I prefer both equally digital for when I feel lazy and physical when I don’t feel lazy :face_with_monocle:


Either but mostly digital now

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Digital pros- easier to switch between multiple comics, panel-by-panel mode, less shelf space, usually kindle price bargains

Digital cons- dependent on battery, limited by space, harder to keep track with purchase dates and easily identifiable locations, harder to loan

Physical pros- nostalgic, holds more value because of the extra space and care needed for it, easier to annotate if that is someone’s style, greater variety in sellers

Physical cons - quality diminishes over time harder to determine condition when purchased unless still encased in factory shrink wrap or some other material for first edition releases

Those are some of the main pros and cons for each. Overall, I think physical is better for collecting purposes, and digital is better for reading.

Physical…but I am running out of space and it does hurt a bit to part with lots of old ones. I may switch to digital eventually, but I just live holding the art in my hands.

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Digital. You have them with you all the time

I do love the fact that this service has digital comics and that’s cool but i do prefer physical copies any day because I love going to comic book stores and picking up a new or old comics and holding it in your hand!

Physical copies

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I love physical comics just like I love physical books in general. I feel like I can enjoy the art much more in physical form. I do prefer digital though. It is such a hassle storing comics and worrying about their quality. With digital, it’s far easier to manage. With a lot of trade paperbacks, I have had splash pages/art that takes up two pages, be ruined because of how the book was bound. You can’t really see the inner edges of the page and dialogue gets cut off. You have to push the pages as far apart as you can sometimes to see certain speech bubbles.

Digital for my pull list and physical trades for runs I’ve really enjoyed.

I also buy trades if I really enjoy a run.

Digital. I live in a one bedroom apartment with my wife.

Digital on newer books, physical on 1970s and back

I love collecting collected editions of works, such as Jack Kirby’s The Fourth World, because it’s Jack Kirby. Nowadays, I don’t feel much like collecting physical copies of comics. If something I’m interested in, I’ll check it out digital

Physical all the way. Love the smell of the old newsprint issues.
Plus your key issues go up in value and you can sell them. Not possible with digital.

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Love physical, but digital is far more convenient. I have several hundred on my tablet. No need for additional lighting, and access to thousands in seconds. So while the texture and feel of real paper is great I have given in to digital because of all the great features and convenience.


@eviltender, check your settings on your reader, mine for some reason had auto rotate off, so I fixed that and Saga of the Swamp Thing in portrait mode with that classic art was amazing!

Well, there’s egg on my face… @eviltender, I was actually replying to a comment on a different thread! Sorry 'bout that! Community growing pains.

I used to like physical copies until DC Rebirth debuted on Hoopla. That was my gateway to the world of digital comics! Then Comixology had all those crazy $0.99 and $1.99 Marvel trade sales, so I started moving to digital on books I’d always wanted to read, but couldn’t buy because those omnibuses were out of print. Then, I saw the DC sales and I sold all my hardcovers and omnibuses and converted to mostly digital.

The only omnibuses I own are ones where they are collected better physically than digitally, like the Infinite Crisis Omnibus, Batman by Grant Morrison omnibus, Crisis on Infinite Earths Deluxe Edition, JSA Omnibuses, among others.