What do you like about Marvel movies? Like in the MCU, Deadpool, or X-Men compared to DC?

Marvel makes good movies. What do like about Marvel movies as a DC fan?


I love the fact that they had planned their established universe ever since the first iron man instead of DC just jamming everything else out there

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Hugh Jackman’s Wolvie calling Cyke a **** and flipping him the bird as only he could in X-Men was pretty cool. I loved Cyclops but those scenes were funny.

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I love that the MCU plays out perfectly due to Kevin Feige’s direction, and it really understands its characters.

Deadpool is just plain hilarious.

X-Men’s the odd man out. I actually like it the least. I’d rather watch Suicide Squad than an X-Men movie.


That they have a plan that makes sense. Though it need to be improved, the have a huge problem with connections between the TV and Films. I also love how the they embrace the wacky side of their material. DC is finally doing it, im all for dark stories, but you can only go so far when you have a superpets team and Colonel Sandersshowing up and fighting along side Flash and Green Lantern


I’m not much for Marvel in any form these days, but if X-Men gets a relaunch and sticks to the comics side of things more so, I might drop a couple bucks on that.

The X-Men movies need a relaunch anyway. Apocalypse himself was handled horribly and awkwardly.


i liked spider-man alot and its really buyest because that was the first superhero movie i seen but i liked it because of the storyline that played out to me spiderman 1-3 were the best i didnt enjoy the others that came out because i felt after spiderman 3 there was no reason for the movie to go on

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Where as the MCU is well structured Fox studios XMen are all over over the place X-men 3 is a train wreak. The wolverine movies are sub par except Logan Lucky the XMen are part of Disney now. Dead Pool is just hilarious


MCU wise, I love how they actually adapt the comics to film. They might change details, but they are essentially bringing the major story arcs to film and being true to the look and personalities of the heroes. WB animation does a great job, but the movies always seem like they are embarrassed to be based on comic books.

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Marvel has the best cinematic villains imo-Thanos for example, is very well rounded, not the usual “I want to rule the universe because…(reasons)”. I like that he’s complex. He’s a monster, a killer, but also conflicted. I was hoping we’d get something similar from Steppenwolf, but that was a swing and a miss :joy: My only knock on the otherwise perfect Wonder Woman movie was a lackluster version of Ares.
Marvel also has the better character development(for the most part). Tony Stark now, is not the same as he was in the first Iron Man. Same with Banner, Strange, etc
DC films are improving tho!!

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Don’t care for, or watch Marvel movies. Crap comes to mind


I love Marvel movies! Besides the Nolan trilogy Captain America: Civil War is my favorite super hero movie

I like that they use a diverse range of characters.

Sony Marvel & Fox Marvel are better than Disney Marvel


honestly Im a marvel fan just getting into dc but I love captain america


Just a way thought plan to create a cohesive universe for the Mcu. I’m an Xmen fan even though they’re are some bad I still enjoy em.

Foundation was there DC could’ve taken and made there but doing something completely different.

My favorite two comic book movies from the last couple years are Into the Spider-Verse and Logan. Two Marvel movies not done by marvel/disney. I really like the MCU, their cohesion and range of characters should be praised. And really they are just entertaining movies. Both nothing from them or really any comic book property, comes close to the magic and craft of Spider-Verse and Logan.

Completely agree with the idea that Sony marvel is better than Disney marvel. I hope they don’t reboot the xmen franchise but I’m sure they will. There hasn’t been an xmen movie that I didn’t enjoy


Honestly, I can’t force myself to watch a Marvel movie. I tried to watch a couple of them on Netflix, big snooze fest.


I like that the MCU took its time to develop characters over the course of several movies instead of trying to rush things together.

Also in terms of casting, I like that many of the main characters for the Marvel movies were lesser known actors when they were first cast. There are some exceptions to this but for the most part it seems like they were just trying to get the best actor for role instead of just getting a big name attached to the project.
The DC movies seemed too focused on hiring big name movie stars or award winning/indie actors. In the case of the household name stars, they often bring too much baggage to the role and viewers tend to see the actor instead of the character (for example Batfleck). The indie actors want to put their own artsy spin on the performance which often times doesn’t stay true to the character (Leto’s Joker).
When you think about the DC movie characters that worked and became popular like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, or Harley Quinn , they were played by lesser known actors.