what do you guys think would happen if a vigilante showed up in today’s world?

It’s an interesting thought

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It would trend on social media and people would make memes. :slight_smile:

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Aren’t they called Antifa? Or is that a gang of criminals?


They’d probably be killed if they aren’t arrested first.

“Shoot at will”

We already see that there are real-world people who go dressed around in costumes which are based on comic characters or movies. They just don’t get a lot of attention.

They would get arrested. The police Protective League wouldn’t have it.

Most of the ones that exist are ignored and ridiculed. Will never be taken serious and just end up arrested, beaten up or killed.

The costumed superhero wanna be in Seattle that is first on the list in the link I posted was sent to court, where he was forced to unmask and reveal his identity. There was there a ton of media outside waiting for him. His personal life probably went to shit

Most of the ones I’ve seen have either revealed their identities or do interviews with people. Like the guy who thinks he’s Batman somewhere in Canada who “stops” criminals. I think it’s Canada