What do you guys think about marvel comics and movies?

For myself I am not a marvel fan or a DC fan. I am a comic book fan. I just find it hard to believe that we are not all that way. Maybe you like one more than the other. Essentially they are the same thing.


While I gravitate towards DC in general I go through phases where I really just want to enjoy one or the other. Marvel was what got me into superheroes during the era when the Image founders were the hottest thing going and it was Marvel that got me back in with their movies and the Ultimate line in the early 2000s.

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I usually don’t think of it in terms of Marvel vs DC. I like superheroes, and some more than others, and I like some movies more than others.

For instance, on the DC side, I’m a big fan of Batman and Superman, but I did not like Batman v. Superman or Man of Steel.

With Marvel, Spider-Man is my main favorite, but I did not like the Garfield movies. I’ve never been into X-men or Avengers, but I liked Captain America: Civil War and I enjoyed the Ant Man movies.

If only I could explain better WHY some things work for me and some things don’t… but I guess there’s no accounting for taste.

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Yeah, I might have a slight preference to DC, but I also love Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, all forms of comics.


I’m with Jay_kay


I’m with Jay_Kay as well. If it is a well written comic I don’t care who the publisher is.

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Cool I really appreciate all of you guys. I Would like to find people who like comics. The problem I am running into is this. I like DC comics but the selection of comics on this app is thin. I want to chat with people about what they are reading . I can’t seem to find anyone who are reading the same comics that I am reading. I am willing to get into what ever it is that someone else is reading so that we can chat about it. What did you like what didn’t you like ect.
Example: I found a thread were people were chatting about hawkman. So I started reading savage hawkman I got half way through. I went back to the thread. And come to find out they didn’t like it. I actually do like it and will finish it. it is good. A lot of folks are recommending DC comics that aren’t on this app. Go buy it. Well I can’t do that because after all the money I spend on comic apps comic movies and merchandise. I can’t go out and buy 20 comic books at $4.00 each.
I’m looking for comic readers who actually read comics that are on this app. Or marvel unlimited. Not because I want to start trouble. But because I love comic books. In my life I really haven’t had the opportunity to read DC comics until now. So I don’t know many of the characters. I have had marvel unlimited for a few years now. So I guess that makes me a marvel guy. It’s not marvel or DC that I like. it’s comic books. Dose anyone else want to start up a book club? Talk about what you are reading? Or do you guys think I should keep comics I am reading to myself ?

To answer your first question, the initiation of this thread, I am solely a DC comics fan. I’ll admit, growing up, I loved Marvel more: Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four 1 and 2, Spider-Man 3, the Incredible Hulk, and some X-men movies really made me like the Marvel universe. At that time, there were only a few good DC Comics movies I enjoyed, like the Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies or some animated films. But when greedy, liberal, horny (both in terms of “devil” horns and pervertion) Rickey Rat gave the Marvel universe the princess treatment, I stopped liking Marvel (not just because the Rat owned it, but also because the Rat would add liberal agendas and sexual innuendos). Then, a little while later, BvS was released, and now, I am a die-hard DC Comics fan.

But to answer your recent post, just because other people did not like the Savage Hawkman series, does not mean you can’t have a great conversation. In fact, if you are quite passionate that it is good and another person is quite passionate that it is bad, you two will be able to provide a larger scope to the positives and negatives for that series than anyone else, and that will also allow people who read your comments to either become interested in reading the series or respond with their take, allowing more communication.

I am interested in a book club, but unlike a lot of comic book readers, I prefer to read comics without profanity.

Anyways, don’t keep the comics you read to yourself because all it takes is one person to be inspired or interested in what you think in order to make your work worthwhile.

Sorry for the long post, and I hope this helps.

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Comic books and superheroes in general are awesome. I love them all!

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I really like what you said - “I am a COMIC BOOK fan”. Hear, hear. The medium needs our love and nourishment. To answer a different way, the line of comics that got me into the art form was Vertigo/DC. Namely, Sandman, Swamp Thing, Preacher (lots of swearing, sorry @abfgmsw! <3 ) and really anything Alan Moore. I then discovered superheroes through the work of these authors, and my little teenage mind was blown. Just thinking about For the Man Who Has Everything makes me want to cry.


I like both. I tend to lean more DC though. For me the best comics at marvel have always been the X-men. I also enjoy thor, spiderman, and fantastic four.

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Growing up, I was all Marvel comics with Claremont’s X-Men feeling like they were speaking to me directly. Superman II and Burton’s Batman were constantly in my VCR. As an adult, I have a fondness for both and just love that I live in a world that can show me BvS, Infinity War and JL.

As Kevin Smith says, light a candle, don’t curse the darkness. Even a bad comic book movie is amazing to me


I am mainly a dc fan. I love marvel though. Im not like those people who like dc but hate marvel. They both make the world a better place


Thank you all for your wonderful comments and suggestions. I actually was worried that I might get drug out of my house and boiled in oil over this. Just kidding. Thank you all.

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So what are you guys reading? I’m not picky. It can be marvel or DC clean or dirty. I am reading red robin and savage hawkman. But I am willing to pick up something else.

I like both but i choose to purchase DC for financial reasons. I just cant afford all the comic goodness from both sides.

When it comes to the MCU im a huge fan. Absolutely love all the marvel movies.

I dont understand why people have the mentality that you have to hate one in order to love the other.

I’ve got this service and im thinking about getting a year sub on Marvel Unlimited after the 1st of the year. And plan on getting the Disney + service at the end of 2019.

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MU is good value, you won’t be disappointed

I feel lucky at the moment, a favorite writer is on a DC and a Marvel book at the same time

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i like both equally havent read much comics im reading green arrow at the moment im on the last book and i love the marvel and dc tv shows(not sure if you enjoy thoes) but i enjoy them because it helps pass the time by i know its difficult for you to get into movies but hope you watch aquaman when it comes out bud hope your having a great monday

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I like to read in chronological order, so I am more of an omnibus collector with most of the Silver Age in my possession, a few volume 1s of the Golden Age with one vol. 2, and a couple of Bronze Age that continue from the Silver (so, obviously, Teen Titans and Justice League). If DC Universe had a series of comics on here in these time periods that collected all the run, I wouldn’t mind reading any of those.

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I agree with Redhood. They both make the world a better place. I think they both need each other. Dc forces Marvel to make better comics and Marvel forces Dc to make better movies. I’m just happy to be alive in this era