What do you guys expect to get in the LAST 5 episodes of Titans?

As we know from leaked photos from the TITANS set that we are getting Nightwing very soon! But what else do you guys expect/want from the last 5 episodes? For me, I believe that “The Judas Contract” will not happen especially from the progression from Rose throughout the season. Mostly the drama she has with Deathstroke presumably killing Jerico.

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The Nightwing suit and a big fight against Slade. I’m thinking Conner will play a big part in defeating him.


Seriously, I love the way we can cross-promote connectable threads!


Beside the Epic showdown of Nightwing vs Deathstroke, and the Debut of the :night_with_stars wing costume. :rose: Wilson as Ravanger, and after watching this weeks episode can’t wait to see how Grayson will fix things with Rose. Also hope we can see the OG Titans apologize for how they treated Jason in last the episode.