What Do You Feel Is Batman’s Biggest Weakness?

A simple question with the obvious answer being he is the world’s smartest man and yet he only wears a kevlar suit with a steel plate to protect his heart to protect himself from bullets, however, that’s not what I feel is his biggest weakness. no batmans biggest weakness is he likes Femme Fatales way too much. especially if they’re around 5 foot 7 to 8 inches tall with black hair. From batman number 1 story The Cat to Batman: Nightwalker (GN) Batman just can’t help falling for a bad girl…fortunately For Bruce the Femme Fatale he (generally) ends up with happens to be The Feline Fatale or a Wonder so he does not turn to evil.

(It can be argued that Wonder Woman as the Ultimate (good girl) Femme Fatale )

however aside for the obvious what do you think batmans biggest weakness is?

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His inability to move on is his greatest flaw. If he were to move on from his parents murder, then he could become better and maybe live a happy life. But because he never got closure he fights a never ending war that will likely end one day tragically, but finds solitude in. I would say both Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and War on Crime explain this point perfectly.


I actually view batman as more a self-made super soldier like marvels MVP rather than just a normal human.

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I would have to say being lonely, if he live a lonely life, there’s no happiness for him.


Enemies who are not scared like The Mutant Leader.


actually, Bruce does get some closure in the three jokers’ storyline. as joe chill had been trying to find the right words to apologies to bruce for decades.

I would say another 3 of his biggest weaknesses are 1 bat values human life to the point that the only one he is truly willing to risk doing some valent thing is his own. 2. batman plays possum too much and lets himself get hurt in order to stall for time.

3: Catwoman. if Selina were to be killed once batcat is strong, batman would fall and kill the guy who kills her.

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Absolutely, it’s why I enjoyed the book so much. It was very clever of Johns to work that in. I may not be a big fan of the other stuff he put in there (cough, cough Killing Joke retcon) but I thought that was the highlight of the whole series.