What Do Y'all Think Of JM DeMatties' Run Of The Spectre?

It seems to be pretty polarizing.

I’ve only read a few issues, but I have a major soft spot for it because:

  1. I love Helen Jordam
  2. Genderfluid Hal Jordan
  3. Hal’s goth era
  4. There’s a Christmas special where Spectre Hal hangs out with Charles Dickens
  5. There’s an issue where Spectre Hal throws Helen a birthday party and Ollie wears a little tiny pink party hat

Always wanted to read it but was never able to track down copies of the early issues when it was coming out.


New addition to my list, if I can ever re-subscribe to the monthly DCUI plan.


For any curious, DeMatteis wrote the 2001-2003 volume of The Spectre, which is not yet available in digital.

However, it should be available in digital, given that its a major stepping stone in Hal Jordan’s adventures.

As for a reaction to the title, I haven’t read much from it (an issue or two here and there, tops), but the little I have read was pretty decent.