What Do We Want From The Snyder Cut?

So it’s officially coming. I for one never really thought we would get it but I’m very excited to see the finished product as it was intended. So what do we want to see from it? What changes? What additions? What cuts?


Definitely Darkseid and possibly more scenes with Lois and Martha. Oh also a reference to the Codex helping with Clark’s resurrection.


The most exciting thing is Snyder’s been given a budget to film additional material for the HBO Max release. So he’s adding to the cut he’s had since he originally left the production of Justice League that we’ve been discussing for the past few years. He screened that cut for WB/HBO Max executives, who liked it enough that they agreed to let him add more to it. So the possibilities are endless for whatever he now adds on top of what he already filmed originally.


Joe Manganiello and Ben Affleck are both Snyder Cut supporters, so…

I say get them both back to do a :bat:Batman vs Deathstroke​:skull: fight scene! Deathstroke broke Lex out of prison in the story, but we didn’t get to see that, so it could totally be possible to throw in a sideplot where Batman gets involved and they fight, before Deathstroke and Lex get away. It’ll be like a bit of the Batfleck Batman movie we never got to see :bat:


Coming from someone who had a good time watching the theatrical cut:

  • I expect something more cohesive in tone, that is more in line with the Man of Steel and BvS.

  • A resolution of sorts to the Knightmare sequence.

  • More epic uplifting moments. Think Superman beating the World Engine, or the Trinity coming together.

  • More Snyder action scenes. I absolutely love the action sequences in the first two movies (the Smallville battle, the Zod fight, the Batmobile chase, the warehouse fight, the Doomsday battle, etc). Would love to see more of that.

  • If there’s a “mind controlled” Superman arc, I really hope it gets resolved by the end of the movie. Otherwise, I’m really gonna want a sequel :joy:.


An ending. It’s well documented that Snyder had at least a two if not three movie arc in mind, but he probably won’t get another crack at these characters ($30 million to finish a mostly done film is one thing, but I don’t see WB investing hundreds of millions of dollars to make JL2 & JL3 based on how well this does on streaming) so I want to see him resolve the story and turn Zack Snyder’s Justice League into a true conclusion to what he started with Man Of Steel and continued with Batman v Superman.

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