What do use DC universe for?

What do you guys do more of on here? Between the comics, TV shows, movies, and the community, there’s a lot to do here. Personally I find myself watching the animated shows the most, curious to see if anyone else favours certain media.


Mostly video. The new exclusive series primarily. Titans is ok. LOVED Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing. Watching the older stuff like Shazam for nostalgia and animated stuff like Batman:TAS or the animated movies is fun sometimes. Really not into Young Justice but I guess it’s not bad.

Comics sometimes, but the reader is so glitchy. The available content for comics is really getting better, but searching, adding to reading lists and reading through a whole arc is still a little awkward.

Obviously I stop in the community occasionally to throw my pennies worth out there like this, but it is really not a big draw for me.

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I do it all, but I’m here for the comics. I would still come here for the comics even if nothing else was offered.

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I use the app for almost everything. Wish there were more TV shows and Movies, but I read the comics until new material is brought in

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I’m here for the comics. I’m really enjoying the rest too, but this service would be worth it to me if it only had the comics.


I mostly use DCU to read comics! Where I live, there’s no nearby LCS and often I don’t have the luxury of time to buy physical books and read at home. So mostly I read comics during breaks at work or at night before I sleep. Gotta say this app has brought me back and up to decent speed with DC heroes :smile:

Also I use the app to watch animated movies, Titans and DC Daily! Maybe later I will start catching up with the new Young Justice.


I am here for all of it. I am loving the comics, but I love the original shows as well.

Community, community, and community. And titans. I own so many comics i just go back through them, and i don’t like reading on a device, i gotta have a comic or novel in my hand, call me old school. I’ve honestly never read a comic on here.