What Do Our Heroes Listen To?

I watched the new Trolls World Tour movie (a lot of fun) and I really appreciate its emphasis on music and culture. So I thought it’d be fun to see what people could come up with if they had to decide what type of music would best suit different superheroes. (You don’t have to be confined to only the music’s presented in Trolls) What does Superman listen to? The Flash?

Batman is banned from this discussion. Sorry, but I want to see some clever thinking, not the obvious or endless jokes. Besides, he already rocked “Am I Blue.”

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Superman is Country
Flash is Modern stuff
Cyborg is Rap and EDM
Wonder Woman is um, whatever, her choice
Green Lantern is Alternative (idk why)
Who am I missing? Oh! Shazam I guess. Whatever hip new viral song is getting billions of views on Youtube

(By the way Batman is HARD Rock and metal. Everyone knows that)


I know Dick Grayson likes indie rock and Christian rock ( particularly Jars of clay) atleast in the modern ( 90s and 2000s ) era. Its featured in his dorm room during college. And honestly it fits, the indie rock thing, but in my personal opinion I’m sure he bangs some metal and maybe even hip hop when hes working out. Think he experimented with EDM but didnt like it. ( That’s all speculation except the indie rock coz that’s canonical)


Beast boy probs blasts EDM and dance music in general. Raven is gonna be goth rock and goth in general probs metal too. I think superman would be a jazz man. Batman probably classical instrumentals and DEATH CORE METAL.


I feel like Raven has a secret Pop music side


I know for a fact Lex’s favorite composers are Brahms and Chopin. Lobo probably would love black sabbath or metallica. Aquamans favorite would be the singing of the Whales lol or maybe just Seal.