What Do Mangas Do Better Than Comics? What Can Comics Learn From Manga?

As much as it pains to admit it, mangas obviously sell more than comics. So I’ve been wondering what does do better than comics. Can comics change things up in order to compete with manga?




Well, that’s supportive :confused:

What do you mean nothing? Surely there’s something marvel or dc can do in order to boost sales.


Manga having more representation at Barnes and Noble doesn’t mean they sell more than comics. Manfa sales are growing in the U.S, for sure, but they still get very little shelf space in every comic shop I’ve ever been to.

As far as what they might be doing better, its hard to say (I don’t read manga). My guess would be- they market better/are more interesting to females. More love stories, less punch fest of the week.


Manga publishers focus on selling to the YA audience and expanding to new readership groups, while the big two comic publishers still have their heads in the 90s and are trying sell to the exact same group of people they were back then that continues to shrink.


I mean doubt they’ll take over a comic shop, but they are selling more. They’re main focus are of course comics, but mangas are selling more, one piece had sold roughly 420 million copies, while superman has sold 60 million(not sure if that’s a single issue or as a whole)

I always thought because they have an anime, but considering a good amount of dc animation is base on comics I don’t think it’s the case.

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But isn’t dc also trying to appeal to the newer generation with teen titans go, Young Justice, and Justice league action?

Manga seems to have more exiting art to it with an energy to it that comics needs to copy.

Super-Sons got that right.

Idk man, I’d take milk wars art over one pieces art anyday.


I got into comics only in the last few years but read Manga since back in 2010 (about). To me they feel completely different ways of story-telling at least from what I’ve read. Manga’s tend to get me more hyped than when I read Comics due to the Manga’s art style + ways they handle characters.

Even in movies like MoS when they have epic shots of Superman vs Zod fighting it’s doesn’t get me as hyped like seeing Rock Lee vs Garra which also incorporated emotion into the fight with Rock Lee’s flashbacks (another method of story-telling in Manga that I don’t really recall happening in the Comics I’ve read).

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More interesting to females, how? Go to google images and type in manga, then type in superheros. What do you see?

There is a sense of life to this that most Americain Comics don’t have.

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That total for One Piece is up to 470 million as of a few months ago. It’s sold in 43 countries.

Superman’s overall total is 600 million (not sure how many countries you can buy Superman comics in, but I’d be floored if it was anything close to 43).


That’s a good point. For Manga I can get into action series or slice of life no problem. Each manga having new characters but for Comics when DC tries to do something like Gotham High with Teen Bruce, Selina and Joker it just doesn’t appeal to me and I like romance series too.

If they were new characters instead of trying to do a spin on the classic characters maybe I’d be at least curious about it.


Yeah adults and kids don’t want to see Bruce Wayne as a teenager, they want to see him as Batman.


Must be a personal experience, I loved that scene as a kid when naruto was on cartoon network.

Hal Jordan vs Kyle/Parallax got me hype to max, with hal confrontanting the being that possed him and ruined him but also fighting a close friend.

oh my bad, I misread it. Although I’ve met more one piece fans than I’ve met superman fans.

try Batman white knight, it has a new character(although it’s just harley 2.0) but it’s a standalone series and all you really to know is who batman is(and who doesn’t)

but doesn’t Gotham(TV show) have bruce wayne as a child?

Thanks for the recommendation :+1: I do want to check that out at some point once my backlog of stuff is done.

That does sound really hype. And yeah up to personal experience plays with how I’ve kinda viewed both mediums overall.

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