What did you like best about the Titans show??

Just tell me what did y’all think of it was it worth the watch and where most of you surprised!!

Worth a watch without a doubt

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As for what did unlike best. Raven and Robin stand out so far as most of the focus have been on them. Star fire has me curious, Beast boy wasn’t in it much. Overall good start but I personally need to see more .

Robin’s fight scene, Starfire going fiery, Dick and Rachel/Raven going on a road trip, Beast Boy stealing a video game.

It was even much better than I expected,Yes I was

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Starfire was the standout even though she didn’t have much dialogue



What episode is Jason Todd suppose to be introduced?

I went in not expecting much, sicne i wasnt so keen on the outfits. But after watching the first episode it definitely caught my interest.

I like how beastboy is depicted as an immature teen, from that little bit of screen time he was given.


Star fire.


Starfire’s charisma stole the show for me. Loving how Anna Diop’s is portraying her and her Disco themes are FIRE!!!

I enjoyed Dick and Rachel as well but to lesser extent. Dick’s fight scene in the Ally was great…albeit too violent. The glass and wall parts in particular… Yet I think they kinda meant it to be a step too far. When Dick sees the news report on his actions, calling him a sociopath I think he feels he is taking it too far . He also seemed to be extra rough with those goons for dismissing him as a threat in light of going “Where’s Batman?”


That’s where the sticks come in than using enemy weapons

I think it was well written (if a bit slow moving but it may pick up) and the actors all played their roles well. Yeah Raven only slightly resembles her counterpart and Starfire from what we have seen is nothing like her comic book counterpart (Robin and Beast Boy are a lot closer from what we have seen) but they are intriuging characters. It’s a different take on the team, but an interesting one.

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