what did you guys think of John Cryer's lex luthor in supergirl did you like him or hate him?

Just wondering if people liked it or hated it I’m still not sure how I feel myself I’m watching the season finale right now as I type this

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Not as sharp and didactic as Gene Hackman was, nor the rich, round powerful performance of Clancy Brown. On a Luthor scale, I’d give him a 4.5 outta 10. Not bad, but nothing to write home about either.

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Personally, this is how it goes for me:
Clancy Brown>>John Cryer>>Kevin Spacey>>Jessie Eisenberg and Gene Hackman are tied.

For DC, voice actors seem to be the first people we think of when we imagine these character’s voices. Kevin Conroy IS Batman for a lot of people, and Mark Hamill IS the Joker for a lot of people. Clancy Brown is also part of this club.

John Cryer, I feel, did a great job as a hyper intelligent, cunning, arrogant, amoral sociopath…so in my opinion, he’s the best live action Lex we’ve gotten so far. The only issue is that Lex is meant to be a peak physical condition as well as mental, and John Cryer clearly is not at his physical peak.

Kevin Spacey was clearly stepping in for Gene Hackman in Superman Returns, but Kevin Spacey(pre-2017-accused-of-child-molestation-Kevin Spacey) was so charming in the roll that I feel he rose above Hackman.

For the last two, I have nothing against Gene Hackman, but that’s not how I see Lex Luthor. My Lex is a egomaniac that views himself as a hero/savior to humanity. Hackman’s Lex willfully referred to himself as “the world’s greatest criminal mind!”, and I don’t feel like Clancy Brown’s Lex would ever openly admit to something like that. Also, I found him more comical than threatening, which isn’t something I want for Superman’s archenemy. Jessie Eisenberg is just confusing. I have no idea what he or Zack Snyder were going for; Zuckerberg as a supervillain, I guess? Either way it was just weird. He’s clearly a genius, but he also seems mentally imbalanced, and never really gave a clear motivation for anything he did in that entire movie. There was nothing “Lex Luthor” about anything he did, honestly, which is why I would say he’s “Alex Luthor” not, “Lex Luthor”.

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I just finished the finale wow I like him still not the best luthor but decent also am I alone in thinking supergirl was the best cw show this season? It’s crazy to me this show gets better with every season which is usually not something that happens with these types of shows shows

I liked ol’ Walleye from Hot Shots as Lex. Liked him just fine.

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I thought he was great. Best live action Lex since Rosenbaum.

I was surprised by how well he worked for me. I give him aaaaaa 7?

“Jessie Eisenberg and Gene Hackman are tied.”

ooh OUCH. Ow! Oh, yow! Ssssss, hot! Wah!

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I think given the script, Hackman is an underrated Lex. At that time, Lex was very much the “criminal mastermind”. The puppet master of any number of nefarious schemes and the founder of the legion of doom. (Not Grodd, as was the JLU continuity case)
His use of the language he was given was very well done.

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I was skeptical when Jon Cryer was cast as Lex, but I ended up liking him. He’s giving Michael Rosenbaum competition for my favorite live action version of Lex.

Overall, Clancy Brown is my favorite Lex. It’s just too bad he hasn’t had the opportunity to play a live action version of the role yet. I’m curious to see how that would turn out.

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I have to admit I really liked James Woods on JL Action.

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Unfortunately, Clancy is likely a bit to old to get to play a live action Lex. Which is a damn shame, I think he would have so rocked that!!

I loved him!

@biff_pow Ditto! Woods had the goods.

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I thought Cryer did a fantastic job. What huge, iconic shoes to fill. And I never saw him stumble. The writing on Supergirl has been so subpar; but honestly, he increased the quality of the show.