What did you all think of Heroes In Crisis? (SPOILERS)

Boring and a COMPLETELY unnecessary slap in the face!


Let me preface what’s coming next with this: King’s Mister Miracle is my single favorite comic of all time. I own the deluxe hardcover of Vision and every issue of Batman out in trades so far. HiC is garbage. The pacing is all over the place, the plot holes are multitudinous and atrocious, and the story in the last two issues border on the nonsensical. I don’t know why it exists. I don’t know why editorial (cough, DIDIO, cough) wants to screw up all the frankly AWESOME legacy DC superheroes. God, that book is bad.


I was honestly hooked the first 4 or 5 issues, then it started dragging on, and finally the reveal just left a terrible TERRIBLE impression on me. I had to actually make myself read the last issue just for some closure. The message at the end was VERY forced, and the only part of the ending I liked was Harley, and that’s hard for me to say seeing as she’s one of my least favorite characters (I’ve never liked the “Look at me, I’m an unpredictable nutjob!” types).

I definitely agree with @DCComicsCrisis, it was a complete slap in the face. The last issue added nothing but a time paradox, plus they reopened Sanctuary, which just seems stupid to me. There are plenty of better ways of dealing with trauma than cutting yourself off from the world and wallowing in your own pain. If it were truly a place for heros to heal from emotional wounds, it wouldn’t be some podunk farm with Reality TV style confessional booths, it’s be on some paradise island so the people could actually relax and kill some stress in between regular counselling sessions with a TRAINED PROFESSIONAL.

Also, so like, is Poison Ivy just Lady Swampthing now? I really don’t like her new skinless, plant muscle look. I find it very off putting.


I liked it. People seem very resistant to their favorite characters changing. I’ve read a lot of great Wally West stories. I think it’s important for characters to change or they become stale.

It wouldn’t make sense for him to be the same as he was pre flashpoint. King and Williamson did a good job of showing how much pain returning from the speed force caused Wally.

I’m excited to see where his story goes for here.

Love the art, but lost interest in the story.