What did you all think of Heroes In Crisis? (SPOILERS)

Personally, I have disliked King’s Batman. However, HiC blew me away. I might need to let it simmer in my skull for a bit, but I think it might have cracked my top ten… I thought it was emotionally honest, still silly, and exuberantly self-aware. My least favorite parts of the book? The confessionals of the Robins and Catwoman. They were just dumb and uncharacteristic, with the exception of Damian’s. Sometimes I feel King does not keep up to date with some of the characters he chooses to write. Tim Drake comes to mind. Anyways, I loved this book. 5/5. What did you all think?


One of the worst stories I’ve ever read. It’s right up there with Spider-Man’s one more day.


I started collecting it and I love all the issues until I got to the last one today and I honestly was utterly disappointed.


I liked it when it started.

By #5 however, I had lost interest and haven’t read anything from it since. The Batman and Flash crossover was pretty boring too.


The first issue, I wanted to throw across my room in a fit of disgust (fortunately I held down that impulse as I was reading it on my iPad)
After that, well I still hate it for what it’s being used to do. (Kill off and/or ruin perfectly good characters)
For a few brief moments I thought we were getting some light near the end of the tunnel, but the ending itself was a miserable twisting of the knife.
The ONLY good that came out of this series was the reunion of the Blue and the Gold.



Hal Jordan saying he doesn’t know what will is?! Come on Tom. You know better than that!

Red Tornado…nice nod to Vision!

Closing speech was excellent.

Clay Mann art…incredible!

Nightwing, Red Robin, Red Hood and Robin Sancuary lectures. Good idea but off character for a few.

I still can’t get past Wally trying to cover up a murder. It did make sense when the deaths were caused by accident but a cover up is just plain wrong and that still lingers on in my head while reading this.

Ultimately, things I loved and absolutely couldn’t stand about this issue so…6 out of 10?


To me, this story is to Wally what One More Day is to Spider-Man: A story that completely goes against everything that the character stands for not because the character naturally came to that point, but because editorial dictated that it should happen, and instead of telling a good story that could reasonably get people behind this drastic change in character, the story is just awful. However, at least One More Day was only four issues long. Heroes In Crisis gives heavy evidence that Wally’s the murderer early on and proceeds to pretend otherwise for half the story, painfully drawling out Wally’s character assassination. In fact, the entire story feel heavily drawn out, to the point where it feels like they could cut out entire issues without taking anything away from the story. I also hated that Sanctuary stayed open despite the fact that it was never shown to be healthy or effected for anyone who went to it, and that Harley and Ivy get to walk free despite still being criminals, but that’s more a problem throughout DC as opposed to just this story. Literally the only part I enjoyed was the restored Blue and Gold friendship, but that was eclipsed by everything else. To summarize, this is the worst “event” story I’ve ever read and pray that Tom King never writes Wally again.


We never got to see Sanctuary doing any good to the patients. Instead they were left isolated.

This had nothing positive to say about treating Stress Trauma.

King says Wally will now be in other books. I would rather he be forgotten until the end of Doomsday Clock makes this a never mind.


I did not enjoy reading it.


It is Dan DiDio’s dream come true. Which is a slap in the face for Geoff Johns and an utter nightmare for fans. I have very little doubt that DiDio played a hug role in how this story turned out (and Nightwing’s personality change). Three of the characters that Dan DiDio hates the most suddenly get murdered, commit murder, and get shot in the head in two different books by Tom King almost immediately after Geoff Johns steps down from his position? That can’t be a coincidence.


It seems like the only person who’s going to be in jail in the DC Universe is Wally West. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy walk off into the sunset together even though they’re a whole lot more guilty than Wally. Every other villain escapes from prison two or three times a year, so the only person who’s going to stay in jail is somebody who thinks he deserves to be there. I don’t think they should have ever brought Barry back. The DC Universe is just too dark right now. I thought DC was supposed to be about hope and Marvel was supposed to have more realistic heroes. Did Tom King have to bring in every single hero. Why would every single hero decide to go to sanctuary? Why would Superman rather talk to a machine than his wife? Captain Atom brings up the best point in his interview when he asks why sanctuary should be back open. I just don’t understand why they had to drag Wally’s character through the mud.


I thought it was great, and that’s coming from a huge Wally West fan.

Finished it last night. It could have been better. I might have to re-read it in the future. Just because the writing cannot translate at the moment of reading does not mean it is horrible writing. It is like watching ‘fight club’ or ‘Watchmen’ the first time. Some might understand it but most won’t. That is why most media is created to go back to read/watch, discuss, and help each other understand or just do the research. Google is your friend shrugs

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@Mr_Fox The actual writing itself isnt the problem most people I’ve talked to have been having. The problem is that Dan DiDio (probably) hijacked the story and used it as a vessel for his hatred of certain characters (and possibly certain writers).


What I did like was the ART! Clay Mann as well as others who contributed did a marvelous job. I know that opinions are mixed on the confessionals but that’s the part of the story I enjoyed, again, because of the art. It was amazing how each character’s facial expressions were unique and conveyed each individuals emotions and personal attributes!

With that said… I really didn’t like the story, and I’m sorry, but those last two issues fell flat. It became hard to understand (and I don;t think re-readings or time will change that. I Understood ‘Watchmen’ the first time and knew I was reading something that would stand the test of time… no so with this.) The first issues started with a lot of promise. A Murder Mystery that carried a great deal of ‘Gravitas’ (if I may) and in those first chapters that is what drew you in. But starting with Issues 6 and 7 it began to lose momentum (and that’s where a mini-series like this should be gaining momentum for the big finale in the last issues)) and again issues 8 and 9 were just not good writing. It just lost steam.

I’ve really enjoyed a lot of what Tom King has done in the past but I’m starting to see a pattern with his writing… it starts great and there are a lot of great elements that keep you coming back for more… but then he seems to lose his way. This happened with this mini-series and it has happened with the Batman run where it was really interesting for many issues-- ‘The War of Jokes and Riddles’ was AWESOME-- but now, after actually having 6 issues that were just a dream (in ‘Knightmares’)- which means that if you were buying the monthly floppies you paid $24 for events that never really happened - it has gone from really good and even great… to just plain bad and a little terrible.

Anyway, With the exception of the art, I have to give ‘Heroes In Crisis’ a Thumbs-Down!


Is DiDio going to be in any panels at SDCC? because If he is, I’d like to urge everyone going to whichever panel he shows his face in, to wear pro Wally T-shirts. (either the Rebirth symbol shirt, one of the old speed force group shot shirts with him in the lead (Terminal Velocity)) A few Wally West chants wouldn’t be a bad idea either.


I enjoyed the series :blush:

I really enjoyed it. Honestly had a bigger problem when Waid made Wally the speed god.

Just grateful that they didn’t turn Wally into a villain. Understand why he’s locked up, but hoping once his time is served he goes on a quest and finds his family. Or the end of Doomsday Clock brings back his family. Donna 'served’her time for her future self causing problems, Dick getting shot, Arsenal dead, Wally in prison, and Tempest appearing when needed. Just seems Titans would be in the big leagues now graduated with own titles. Would love to see Dick/Nightwing become equal to Bats, Supes, and WW but the Ric storyline is hard to stomach and see play out. Just one of the ones who enjoyed seeing Titans go to next level prior to Flashpoint but then seems that 52/Rebirth has just decimated them. Don’t know what plans DC has for Wally next, but can see Luthor approaching him prior to year of villain and them turning him into villain or him redeeming himself in Doomsday going against Manhatten and bringing back JSA and Legion with his family. I would hope for the later with his appearance as Kid Flash in Doomsday Clock 10.
Did truly enjoy teamup of Batgirl, Harley, Blue, and Gold. Thought Ivy and Wally would join them and become a team. They had good team dynamics and could have truly made team purpose and mission with series. Could have added some other characters to team, but that ship has sailed.
Can see where Heroes in Crisis and Doomsday Clock builds up Year of Villain and how everything is heading into that direction. Just seeing how this all plays out.


Thought it was a really cool concept and interesting story up until the end. WTF?!?!? Now Wally is (still) missing his family, has to deal with the guilt of killing all those other heroes, and serve time for manslaughter. Get rid of Dan Di Dio. Bring back Wally, Roy, and Dick. Rebirth Titans was one of my favorite books before they took it apart, ruined it, then cancelled it.