What did you all think of Aquaman?

For Amazon Prime subscribers: Do you want to see Aquaman a wekk early? Yes in select theaters on December 15th anyone with Amazon prime can but tickets for the self and friends to go see Aquaman a week early.
Don’t have prime:ask a friend who dose. Or watch out for spoilers. Enjoy the movie weither you can watch it early or watch it on December 21st…


Already have my tickets! Unfortunately, the nearest DC Universe screening is too far away from me (probably Boston) to travel in mid winter, but I’ll happily go down there for Shazam in March ( hint hint).

Just saw an advanced screening of Aquaman, and it blew me away! Totally my favorite DCEU film to date, with Wonder Woman coming in second. Go out and see it once it’s released!


I will see it!


Cool, going to see it this Saturday the 15th. This looks like a comic book ripped off the page

Waiting till the rush and my work schedule die down, but I will definitely be there!

Definitely high on my list among the big three coming out this month (along with Bumblebee and Into the Spider-Verse). Just gotta wait till next week.

Yoooo… Mind blown. I saw it in 3D and the effects where pretty gnarly to say the least. I think Nicole Kidman, was so bad ass and Amber Heard. I loved the character dynamic between Aquaman and Mera, when I saw the trailer originally, I didnt expect Mera to have as much screentime as she did… I mean she had a cameo in Justice League and that was cool, but she was actually like a main character in this movie, which to me was super dope. Lot of action, couple funny lines… loved it.

What did you guys think?


Not to mention to villains of the movie :ocean:

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I’m going to go see it tonight, so I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure it will be amazing. Any after-credit scenes i should know about?


There isn’t an after credits scene, but a mid credits scene.


mid credit scene? like in the teen titans go movie? that movie was awfully inaccurate, but it was still funny.

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Aquaman is my favorite DC movie it was awesome


Aquaman is definitely the better of the DC movies
It seems when there are hardly any tie ins with the bigger DC universe their films are better like Wonder Woman was.

Agree with the title of the thread.

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I’m seeing it in IMAX tomorrow so I am very excited at this point. I consider MOS and WW to be two of the better origin films so I high Hope’s for this one. One thing for sure is it’s going to look amazing.

The movie was pretty good but not great. Jason mamoa was GREAT as aquaman and I did like his origin. I also liked the chemistry between him and mera who I also really liked. Black manta was dope but had so little screen time which I was kinda disappointed in. I did like ocean master but I wanted more backstory and character development to him he felt like a one dimensional villain. It also has TO many slow motion shots for my taste and the pacing of the movie kinda felt long but other than that I give it a 7.5/10

I absolutely loved it. I loved James Wan cinematography (I loved The Conjuring and I dont really like that genre of movies). I loved the cast, but good thing Manta will be back. I wanted more backstory for Orm too. Nonetheless I’m going to see it again.

Jason is the only actor that could make the orange and green suit look good. Attitude was fantastic and Wans direction on the story was great.

Holy carp aquaman was amazing
Aquaman is now the best DC movie. if this is the new direction of the DCE. Am on board.