What DC shows do you want to see appear on DC Universe?

Growing up I loved the show Krypto: The Super Dog. I would love to see those episodes pop up on the service


Green Lantern: Animated Series. That show was awesome and was canned because Cartoon Network were morons.


I’d like there to be all the CW arrowverse shows. I hoping they’d be here on launch so i could catch up on the last few episodes of supergirl before the new season starts :frowning:

Legion of Super-Heroes with Kal El Superboy and Kara Supergirl.

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Adam West’s Batman would be pretty cool. They have flash, wonder woman, and all the supermans, but no batman live action show? I miss the corny awesomeness which is Ward and West

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Green Lantern the Animated Series should be on here and picked up like young justice


Smallville would be pretty fun too

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Well, since this Batman Day, where are the following? the 1943 Batman serial, the 1949 Batman and Robin serial, the Filmation 1965 superman, 1966 Aquaman, 1968 Batman, 1966 Teen Titans, 1966 Justice League of America and the 1966 Filmation shorts of the Flash, Green Lantern, and Hawkman. Also the the 1966 Batman tv show is missing. Scooby do movies with batman and Robin not here either. I hope they add these soon!

Since dc is not doing any superman movies no time soon they wanna focus on supergirl again but guys aren’t we forgetting someone power girl i would like a live action movie or t.v. series for her i think its time to expand on her horizon

I’d kind of like to see the 1974 Shazam TV series. Billy Batson and Mentor traveling the country in a RV. That’s gold right there. LoL


Smallville, Green Lantern Animated Series, the Batman, 1960s Batman, Gotham, animated Constantine series


Where are the man of steel movies.

Smallville, The Batman, Supergirl movie

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Smallville, Batman 66, Super Powers cartoon, Gotham, and all the CW DC heroes shows.

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Justice League Action is actually a pretty good show. Wouldn’t mind seeing that on here. As well as the Green Lantern show and Beware the Batman, though I’m glad we got Brave and the Bold

I’m perfectly fine with all of the CW shows and Gotham staying on Netflix, because I’m going to keep Netflix regardless anyway.


Trigger Twins

Duplicates Girl

Since no one has mentioned it, the Swamp Thing TV series. For movies, Steel (1997) as well as the Swamp Thing and Return of the Swamp Thing. I have yet to seen Supergirl with Helen Slater, and there are other movies/shows like the Lego DC Comics and Superhero High that would be a good addition.