What DC Related Props Do You Hope They Eventually Produce?

Does anyone else collect prop replicas? If so what are some DC related items you hope get made one day?

There’s a few below I thought would have been cool to have but unfortunately they were canceled.

image image


As much as I would love to collect prop replicas, for the most part they tend to be way too expensive for me :grimacing:

Still, it would be nice to see more comic accurate props out there, like a set of Green Arrow trick arrows, or one of those Silver Age versions of Superman’s Phantom Zone projector.


I want that riddler trophy so bad!


I’d love to see a new version of The Bottle City of Kandor. I know it’s been made before but they have so many different versions they could make based on artwork and the one they made is kinda expensive now.

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I know I would for sure have picked that up but unfortunately that company is out of business now.


I know Neca revealed a line of Batman props they were supposed to do last year. I feel like those should be more affordable than other stuff out there. Maybe a good jumping on point for you. Obviously, some will be more expensive than others.


Yeah I remember hearing about them a while ago! Real shame they haven’t been put into production yet.

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These are really cool but I don’t think I would able to get any

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What we are all thinking about:


Nice collection! In my mind Any Batman prop/prop replica would be cool to have. But that Helmet of Fate,… it’s CALLING ME! :joy: … plus it’d be cool to be like “I don’t need a face mask I have the Helmet of Fate!” :joy:

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