What DC Music Would You Dance To?

I’m no dancer (mind you, I’m not counting silly dances/walks) but there are some decent tunes in the world of DC that a person can cut a rug to.

For starters, I dig the end credit music of The New Adventures of Superman and Doom Patrol. I could scoot my boot to those lil’ ditties. Move to the Groove from the Batman Beyond soundtrack is another danceable tune.

For a slow dance, my quintessential pick would be the love theme from Superman: The Movie. It’s a perfect melody to slow dance with someone to.

What DC related music would get you out onto the dance floor?


I’ll grab the most obvious answer: Prince’s Batman soundtrack!

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The JLU theme always gets me ready to move and grove.


I’d go with the deliciously surf guitar theme from later seasons of The Batman.

Stop the presses!! Who is that???!!!

Vicki Vale
Vicki Vale

Duh Duh Duh Duuuuhhhhh…
And where… and where… is the Batman?!!

Insert insanely cool music break here…

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I’d like to add Joker Chase from the Batman Beyond soundtrack to my list too. It’s my favorite of the BB soundtrack as well.

I would dance to a remix version of the Danny elfman Batman theme from the original batman movies.

Here’s a trance remix of John Williams’ Superman theme:


I’d definitely shake a leg to this.