What DC Movie or Show you waiting for

What DC movie or Show coming are you waiting for and why


Joker, I think it’ll be really interesting to see how the Joker got started with the life of crime. And what’s also interesting is that it’ll be out 30 years after Batman, so I think this is a second movie where Joker has a beginning before he became a clown! I think Joaquin Phoenix will do a great job! :slightly_smiling_face:

Both of those are going to be good I think if they get the right people to play them.

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Martian Manhunter, son!


Gotta say joker as well

Cant wait for Young Justice to get started.

Looking forward to seeing how Batwoman does on the CW.

IN film? I totally loved Wonder Woman and can not wait for 84 to arrive in the theaters.

I was a huge fan of Zach Levi on Chuck so I am looking forward to Shazam … even more noiw since I’ve seen the latest Trailer :slight_smile:

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Film: SHAZAM!!! I watched Chuck as a kid and loved the humor in it. The only downside from Chuck were some contemporary moments, but that was due to what Josh Schwartz found humorous. But, as long as Zachery Levi does not let those events shape SHAZAM!!!, then the movie will be awesome. To summarize (and answer why), I like to think more like a kid than an adult, so it will be awesome to see a movie like that. Also, because it looks very funny.

For TV: The upcoming James Wan Swamp Thing. He did well with Aquaman, so I have faith in the show. Plus, I am not too familiar with the character (although I watched some episodes from Shout Factory), so I am looking forward to a great introduction.

For me it’s the Flash movie and I hope it’s Flashpoint. And for shows Titans Season 2 and I’m hoping for a Nightwing spinoff at some point.

Swamp thing

I’d like to see Justice League but with fresh characters, like maybe adding Dr. Light (Hoshi) to the mix.

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There’s a few. All the announced projects seem awesome.

It’s waaasy past time for a proper Green Arrow movie. Since that’s apparently never gonna happen, I’d say let’s have a Stephanie Brown/Spoiler movie or Cheshire origin story

I’m waiting for that Supergirl movie that was mentioned. Melissa is a great adult Supergirl in the show, but I want something closer to the comic and the whole Mon-El toxic relationship destroyed a lot of my goodwill towards the show.

But the one good in the series, called Supergirl, is Melissa Benoist.

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I’m waiting for Nightwing, and I want them to add smallville to this

The Batman solo movie which is supposed to have noir-style plot by Matt Reeves and the Green Lantern Corps film in which I’m hoping it’ll showcase the Red Lanterns and other Spectrums (Lantern Corps). And it would be nice to see Man of Steel sequel and The Flash solo film… Fingers crossed…:crossed_fingers:t3:

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We need a Legion of Super-Heroes movie!

I’m waiting for Stargirl, Swamp Thing, YJ3 & Doom Patrol plus the rest, but those the most. I’m a long time fan of all. Stargirl & YJ3 haven’t been around as long as the others, but YJ speaks for itself, & I’m a JSA fanatic, & Stargirl has already casted some of my favorites & I’m sure they’ll be way more to come.

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