What DC Hero inspires you the most and why?

Everyone has that hero in their life that deep down means something to them and that they aspire to be. A hero that stands out above the rest, is unique to them, and helps them overcome any issues they might be facing currently in hopes to become better.

For me that hero has always been and will be green lantern Hal Jordan. As he is not an alien or godly being but a man with issues like you or me. As corny as it sounds his will to overcome great fear is what inspires me every day to face and overcome my own fears. As someone who faced his entire city being destroyed by cyborg superman, watching himself get possessed and manipulated by fear entity Parallax but then overcoming that and then him taking charge and being leader after guardians lost their marbles, I can relate to that as someone who has battled anxiety through their life, but always has the will to charge forward and be greater despite those problems.

Now that you’ve heard the character that brings me up the most. What is that character for you and why? Must be a DC superhero (no villains)


The Question. Never stop growing, never stop learning, never stop changing. Never stop asking questions.


Superman. I never want to be Batman. But who doesn’t want to have the ability to help other people? And who doesn’t want to pull apart a button-up shirt first? :wink:


Superman is always the one most people go to and I see why. The big guy is a symbol of hope. He stands for truth, justice, and the American way. Yes he has powers and isn’t human- but he is always on the brighter side of life. He gains power from the sun. Can’t get much brighter than that. However, people say he never struggles he does- as he is alien adapting to customs and ways of humanity.


No surprises here. :grin:


It’s always the hardest to be there for others and make the world better when you have lost something. While most superhero deeds are impossible, this one is something that while feeling impossible is worth reaching for. It is so easy fall prey to the darker emotions in times of loss.

No matter which version, Kara is always the one to lose everything again


…and again…


… and again…


… and still she comes out being the symbol for hope…




…and compassion for all…


Unless some edgy editorial infects her with a BWL virus, she will almost always be a safe bet to look for wholesome pick-me-up stories when the rest of the universe goes grimdark.

And I can’t lie, as long as there are loud voices who are trying to keep comics in the dark ages where male led superhero movies and comics outnumber the female ones, it is good to have her be a thorn in their side reminding us that everyone can be awesome.



I also like Hal Jordan for the way that he challenges the status quo and constantly strives to be a leader in the face of every adversity. When the guardians messed up he was the first one to tell them that and not follow them into the dark. When Sinestro tried to get inside his head and corrupt him to his side he challenged that.

Kara is definitely a nice choice. She has been the one to struggle most than superman and has always proven her worth over and over again. I enjoy the supergirl series for the depiction of her character alone.


Batman. He is a character that people can relate to because he doesn’t have any superpowers, but he helps people anyway. He overcomes every obstacle that he is faced with while maintaining his moral code. He never kills anybody. Batman shows that no matter what happens in your life, you can choose to be a hero.


Have to go with Batman. It’s a weird choice and I’m genuinely surprised how many people are bringing him up already, but I think I have good reasons for it:

First, Batman believes in justice. Not just generically, he believes that people are responsible for their actions, and wrongdoers must be stopped and held to account, but there are lines you don’t cross in doing that. That may be counterproductive from a consequentialist/utilitarian perspective, but as a committed individualist, that speaks to me.

Second, Batman is the World’s Greatest Detective. Every problem has a solution, and if you’re prepared, you can find it. One line that stuck with me (It was actually from a Nightwing issue, I think it was #144; something in Marv Wolfman’s run, anyway) is “Your mind is your greatest weapon. Never forget that.”

Third, Batman may be human, but he’s a human with a lot of resources. And he stands for the proposition that when you can do something important and productive with the resources at your disposal, you get off your butt and do it. It’s a power fantasy, but when written properly I think it’s a healthy kind of power fantasy. He’s really not about rage and vengeance and all that stuff. He’s about doing the right thing at any cost when you’re the only one who can.


I agree batman possesses good hero qualities as well. The individualist aspect, the human element, and the will and concentration to delve into darker terroritories where others cannot go to get the job done. The will to take more calculated risks and the use of resources and knowledge to see it through, even though dwelling in that darker territory he is somehow detached from it and doesn’t cross the boundary as he understands the element that he truly faces which makes him that much more prepared to deal with it. Villains aren’t always spelled out an he knows this.
He also inspires others. He inspired Jason todd, dick Grayson, Tim drake, Stephanie Brown and others to be something more than themselves.

While I haven’t really delved that much into the Question. It seems like great hero qualities to possess, to never accept things at face value and to always research and learn on the go. Im thinking about reading more into the question where should I start?

Has he inspired anyone who hasn’t died? :stuck_out_tongue:


I recommend all new Question readers start with the Dennis O’Neil run. Look for The Question (1986).


Thanks I’ll most certainly check that out once I get the chance.

Jim Gordon, Lucius fox, and Alfred I don’t think any of those have died as of yet. Maybe in alternate timelines or universes but not in main ones I don’t think.

Alfred died in Detective Comics #328 (1964), and he stayed dead for two years. I’d tell you how he comes back, but they haven’t uploaded that issue quite yet. :wink:


It will always be Superman.


I know its almost cliche at this point but I gotta say, it’s Superman for me. He’s inspiring because he doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. How easy is it for us to take advantage of the first opportunity we get to have power over someone else? We typically jump at that chance to put someone else down and hold ourselves up. Superman has more than an opportunity, there would be absolutely no consequences if he decided to do that. If he decided to rule the world, play god, force society to bend to his benevolent will. It wouldn’t matter, he could do it in a heartbeat.


And more than that, he actively diminishes himself. He lowers himself to the level of an average, everyday human. Not out of false humility, but out of a clear conscience and moral compass. All he wants is for the world to see that it can be good. That it has the capacity for greatness, justice, and mercy. The good that he saw lived out by the Kent family on a Kansas farm. So he shows it to them. They all see it in Superman’s heroics, but WE see it in Clark Kent. He shows the other heroes on the Justice League what goodness is.

That’s why I’m inspired by Superman. He represents an enduring moral good. And he does so with 100x more temptation and reason to not do so. People say he’s too perfect and overpowered. Well that’s because he’s the ideal that we should all strive for. That’s the point. He’s flawed, but is still an inspiration to always be better.


Personally, I’m going to go with Wonder Woman. I’ve always looked up to her ability to be a leader and a diplomat, as well as just an incredible warrior. I also admire just how much respect she has for herself as well, how she’s humble without diminishing her accomplishments.


I agree Wonder woman is an awesome character. She has unflinching loyalty to her people the Amazon’s and the justice league. She possesses good leader skills, and she’s a strong, courageous warrior that can go toe to toe with superman in terms of team spirit and raw power and her lasso of truth makes dishonest honest. At same time she is not hard headed but rather compassionate and humble willing to help her teammates in any way that she can.