What DC Hero Had/Has The Most Believable Secret Identity

So, I think most would agree that the secret identity aspect of Super Heroes, while a classic element in stories and one that produces a lot of good stories for the hero, requires a huge suspension of disbelief most times.

Whether it is the glasses, the domino masks which would not fool anyone, or the fact Supergirl in current comics is supposed to have a unique accent yet no one notices it is the same accent as her alter ego. Most secret identities would not last long if at all in the real world.

But what DC Hero’s secret identity did you find the most believable. What hero did you read and when in their secret identity thought “ok… I can buy no one would figure it out”.

For me it was probably Billy Baston as Shazam/Captain Marvel. No matter how obvious it might seem to an outsider, most even n the real world would probably not make the jump “that teenager is turning into an adult” unless they actually saw the change.

Anyone else know of any good ones?


I agree with you. For me, Billy Baston as Shazam/Captain Marvel is the best secret identity.


@JLWWSM First comment and you chose the best.


But who besides Shazam? I vote Martian Manhunter because he can shift into whoever he wants to be.


“Batson’s Shazam? Oh yeah, that’s about as believable as a screen door on a submarine.”

I bet it’s been said. I tell ya.


While the name isn’t 100%, I would argue that Martian Manhunter had a present decent secret identity at one point as well.


I want to add I am reading the recent Damage series on DCU. And that is a pretty good one too, I guess it is possible someone might notice he showed up in town the same time a monster tore up the area. But not like anyone is going to say “hey, they look alike” and he changes his name wherever he goes, so that might help keep anyone from putting 2 and 2 together as well.


Congo Bill, doesn’t look a thing like Congo Gorilla


For classic Firestorm, there’s Martin Stein. No one can see him or hear him when he’s in the matrix, and the merged form looks like Ronnie. Now, he does have to contend with inexplicable disappearances when he can’t plan for it, so maybe not as good as Billy, but he’s pretty secure.

If we bar any powers or supernatural concealment, it’s a bit harder to say. Oracle was very good at covering her tracks, though, so I’d go with her. That is still a tad unfair, because it’s harder to conceal your identity when you have to actually physically go out in a costume to do your crimefighting.


MM & Firestorm are pretty hard to beat. Batson calling out Shazam and the bolt of lightning. Yeah nobody is gonna notice that.

Flash, since the cowl covered much of his face, he ran at super speed and could vibrate his voice and face.


Reverse flash in that damn wheelchair


Easy Boston Brand Deadman cause he is dead lol.


Originally, the Silver Age Atom never appeared in public at a height greater than 6 inches, so how could he be conflated with any other human?


I don’t read a lot of Atom, but wasn’t it general knowledge even then to the public that he was shrinking by use of technology?

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Best heroes are the ones always in plain sight. I love little Billy but he still thinks like a kid, it’s like Tom Hanks in Big, you can change the outside but not the inside. Martian could invade thoughts and change outward appearance to anything as long as he could pull off the being a “normal” earthling. I kinda feel Nightwing should carry some glory to keeping his identity secret. With so many Robins after him and years of learning to hide what he done most of his life and people already used to him as Dick Grayson it’s like the perfect hero coverup.


Just off the top of my head- the Question? He’s got no face.


Holly Robinson


I agree with the Billy. Just look at young Justice. No one knew. Well except for Batman. Also Martian Manhunter like everyone has said that shapeshifting.


Clark Kent may be an eye-roller when mentioned as believable, but when an ace investigative reporter spends more time with him than any human alive, and his becoming the brilliant but klutzy Clark.

Consider that his inhabiting the person he grew up to be is so cunning that a famous reporter is the LAST person Lois, or, for that matter, anybody else.

And Lois Lane is a very smart woman, a skilled reporter who is completely fooled.

Clark Kent, the OG secret identity, is the best alter ego ever.