What DC character needs an animated series?

I honestly believe there are three DC characters that need an animated series; first is Steel John Henry Second is a buddy cop comedy Booster Gold and Blue Beetle! So here is my idea for Steel he put down the suit but something big happens to force him to put it back on . The episodes have a connected story but can feel like a stand alone; also he teams up with different members of the superhero community. I would also put it at an R rating.

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle would be called Blue and Gold. I would see it as a Harley Quinn types show but Booster is always being sleazy and Beetle is in a nice relationship until he finds out Beetles girlfriend is cheating on him with a super villain. The girlfriend killed before she tells the identity of the villain and seeks a blundered tale of revenge and self improvement. What would you like to see get the animated treatment?

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A cartoon based on JLI would be nice, and I would enjoy a Steel series as well. Maybe the latter could make up for that awful, awful movie.


I would love to see a series about moi ofc, but other than that, I would love to see the Superman animated series have a sequel like batmans is doing in comics. Also I would love characters such as Mister Miracle, Blue Beetle, abd Booster Gold

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A Firestorm tv show could definitely have some cool effects.

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I’m going to second the call for a JLI team, but I’m adding one member: The Question. Specifically, The Question from the JLU series, because that guy is not only a total badass, he’s a riot too.

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I would like to see a Nightwing animated series.

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Lessee, I’d be game for shows featuring any of the following:

-New Gods
-Wonder Woman
-The Flash
-Blackhawks (New 52 iteration, especially if it has a Centurions vibe)
-Justice Society
-Ame-Comi Girls
-Green Arrow
-Earth 2 (New 52 iteration)
-Ambush Bug
-WildC.A.T.S (would serve as the starting point of a Wildstorm Animated Universe)
-John Constantine
-The Warlord (character designs by Mike Grell would be great)
-Angel and the Ape

While the list can literally go on and on, I’ll end with a Superman series where he’s always teamed-up with his allies. Base it on DC Comics Presents, title it Team Superman, Superman Strike Force, whatever. It would bring Superman back to the air while also spotlighting his allies.

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There are a lot of characters who it would be nice to see get an animated series, but the character who NEEDS one is clear: Wonder Woman. She is DC’s most prominent character who has never had her own animated show.


Ya better watch out. If @darkstarz sees this you’ll be grounded!

Steel would be high on the list for me.

Considering the Bruce Timm universe is already well established (and most people love it), I’m going to say I’d like a Mosaic influenced John Stewart show. That’s only enough material for a season or maxi at best though.

I really think JLU was the best thing we’ve had for all fans. The shifting focus on a rotating cast was so very excellent. Lacking a more original idea, I’d rather see that return.

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@arkhamknight363.60375 we have needed a solo Nightwing movie or animated series is long over due.

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@Kon-El I just hope the powers at DCU would see this and understand there is money to be made with some animated shows the Fans want to see! Also @Vroom the Flash would be better than great it would be awesome and Wildcats had a season but would be good for a revamp.

I am all for a Steel tv series or animated series. However, the movie is anything but awful. The costume might have been cheesy but that movie was a lot of fun. I believe you were the one that pointed out that this movie had the closest thing we have seen of The Oracle in a movie, which makes me love that movie even more!

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