What Day Do New Comics Get Posted to DC Universe?

I’ve been looking for this so apologies if this is already answered somewhere but which day of the week are new comics posted to DC Universe?

I’m currently reading the Year of the Villain and have reached the point where I need the books that were published on July 17, 2019 which is now over a year ago but they’re not available yet. Will they be posted here on Sunday? Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday? Thursday? Friday? I know it’s not Saturday because that’s today and they’re not here! :wink:

Every Wednesday just like new books.

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Hey @FelixLeiter,
We post a thread in the Watchtower section every month that gives specific dates for when issues will be added, so if you want to check out the most recent ones posted, you can find the one for July here, along with the new one for August, linked here. :slight_smile:

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That is excellent information, thank you, @MissInkBlot!

Man, that Watchtower post is awesome! Now I have specific dates to look forward to knowing the comics will be there…it’s like having something pre-ordered at the comics shop - when you wake up that day you know it’ll be there and it’ll be a good day.

Reading the buildups to ‘Year of the Villain’ has been fun and I’m anxious to see where the story goes from here. Thank you very much for building that list and for sharing the link with me. I’m filling up my calendar with geek dates now and will have something to look forward to for weeks and months to come!

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