What CW Shows Are You Looking Forward To in 2021?

Hello everyone how was your day today? So yeah what CW show for DC Comics are you looking forward to coming back on the tv this January 2021? Bonus question if you could pick any DC comics character to make A CW show who would you pick? As for the show I’m super hyped about and for is the premier of Superman and Lois; also looking forward to the return of the Flash as well! I would pick Superboy for a CW show ; I think the story of him meeting Wonder Girl would be awesome tv.

I am excited most for Legends of Tomorrow and Superman and Lois… always up for a new Superman show. Been a while.

If I could make anyone into a CW show I would want it to be Booster Gold. Think they could make his road from fame seeking hero to legit hero over the course of several seasons a good one.


I think that’s a fantastic pick!

I’m not up to date on any shows so im not waiting for any to come back yet, but I’d love to see a Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle show, i think that would be really fun


I look forward to watching Stargirl, Stargirl again, Stargirl again, and rewatching season 1.

I would pick The Question facing the sinister purpose of eaglets.

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I would say Superman since it is the new one. Very curious about Batwoman to see how that will be with the new actress.

I’m looking forward to the return of Black Lightning. I want to see how they will work in the current real life protest movement for social justice change. As for what character I’d want to see in a new CW show, I’d say Dr. Fate. I would like to see some other characters get shows of their own, but they would be better on HBOmax (ie. Azrael, Spectre, etc.)

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